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CawRANT Events #52

CawRANT Events #52

Goooood Morning Everybody! It's yet another beautiful, sunny day in the Pacific North West.  Just a few marine clouds in the sky.  It's been virtually dry for the past three months.  We've only had about two days of rain.  That's not a good thing in a rainforest, as I have pointed out many times on this blog.  Rain would be welcome anytime now but at least the forest fire smog is gone.  There have been light but steady winds driving it offshore.

We've settled in back at home after our two week annual sail of the Gulf Islands.  This year, as many of you will remember, we took along our "virtual crew"...GreencrowAsTheCrowFlies" readers.  It was fun having you along and added a certain spice to our trip.  You can revisit our trip and follow our journey by going HERE and clicking on the various ports/posts.

In a recent post I discussed concerns held by myself and many alternate bloggers about Google playing around with our stats and causing wild and improbable fluctuations in same.  Northerntruthseeker and Penny For Your Thoughts, corroborated that this is going on at their "Blogger" platforms as well.  NTS is thinking about going to another platform.  Personally, I like the way that Stephen Lendman's blog looks now that he has left Blogger.  It's a very big step to take and one would certainly have to be confident in the outcome...that it wouldn't be just jumping "from the frying pan into the fire".

But, as usual, there is a never ending wealth of topics to RANT about today so I'd better get started.  First, we have:

Canadian Newz

Newly (s)elected Leader of the Opposition, Andrew Scheer, is trying to create some headlines by saying he's going to shun the "rebel" (right wing?) media from now on.  You'll remember Andrew, he's the OTHER Canadian parliamentarian who's banned from visiting Russia.  The other being Foreign Minister and neo-Nazi supporter Chrystia Freeland.

Andrew still hasn't told Canadians why HE thinks he was chosen as one of the Canadians to be banned by Russia in retaliation for Canada banning some Russians after the illegal Kiev Coup in Ukraine.  Someone commented on one of my posts about Andrew that it was simply because he was the "speaker of the House of Commons" at the time of the banning.  I disagree.  There was a report I found on Google that Andrew met with a delegation of Kiev Junta Ukrainian fundraisers during the group's trip to North America.  That certainly would make more sense than a very stupid singling out of a parliamentarian due to his official position.  Russians aren't that stupid.  In any case, Andrew has kept an unusually low profile since his selection and I believe it's because he knows his career as Leader of the Opposition was stillborn and "dead in the water" from the start.

Still on Canadian news...the NAFTA ["free trade"] negotiations are starting up again.  Everyone knows that if there were ever such a thing as "free trade" you wouldn't need to have a complicated agreement to enforce would just exist between the relevant trading partners.  IMO, the more complicated a trade agreement is...the more phony it is and the more ulterior political motives are involved.  In the case of is and always has been a Trojan Horse for the end goal of the globalist neocons...a North American Union.

North American Union Agenda Escapes Trump

Trump, the bumbling nincompoop, didn't get the memo on the long term agenda of NAFTA and so therefore tried to turn it into a showcase for his "Art Of The Deal" skills. lol.  It has nothing to do with "deals" and business.  NAFTA is a slow and steady erosion of the sovereignty of all three countries involved, Mexico, USrael and Canada.  The Ziofascist Deep State is aghast at how Trump has raised the hackles of the Mexicans ("the Wall") and Canadians (using that old shopworn canard "softwood lumber").  Trump just doesn't "get it" and is a bull in the NAFTA chinashop!

I wish I didn't have to call Trump a "bumbling nincompoop".  Far be it from me to kick the slats out from under the last hope for a global reprieve from WWIII.  The alternative to Trump during the US election and since is terminally corrupt rule by pedophile blackmail and/or the threat of nuclear Armageddon.  Unfortunately, Trump, since his election has been his own worst enemy.  Surely to Gawd he must have learned SOMETHING about the workings of the Deep State by now and received some decent advice on how to counteract them.  But NO! He just lurches from one ridiculous political stance to another.  Slip, Sliding Away....

DAHBOO7 Says "Black Sky Event" Drill
Scheduled for Next Week Will be Staged
to bring about a North American Union

This Week in Celestial Phenomenon History

This week is supposed to be momentous in terms of the juxtaposition of celestial phenomenon and contrived political events.  This has been arranged so that the Sheeple will be in awe and captivated by the "beauty of our weapons".  There's the naval drills supposed to be being held in South East Asia...but now put on "pause" due to the second major naval collision of a US destroyer in three months.  Some are attributing the collisions to a "Donald Cook"-style overpowering of the electronics.  Then there's the "Black Sky Event" described by DAHBOO7 above.  I posted DAHBOO7's video because he says towards the end that one of the goals of the drill is to "bring about a North American Union".  Perhaps there was/is some kind of Celestial False Flag planned for the next week or so...but with the concerns about military viability of the US Navy...this may have been thankfully put on "pause" as well.  When I heard about the second US destroyer being involved in a very suspicious "accident"...I thought of all the "fragging" that went on in the dying days of the Vietnam War.  Just Saying.

Russia being attacked by global financial thieves and warmongers

The longer it goes on and the more blatant it gets, it becomes crystal clear what the end game is of the economic sanctions being leveled at Russia by USrael.  This is out and out warfare to destroy Russia financially.  Here we have Russian Federation Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov slamming the US for its withdrawal of embassy visa services due to the tit for tat reduction in embassy staff initiated by the then "lame duck" Obama.  This financial equivalent of a nuclear attack  goes almost unnoticed in the Legacy Main$tream Media.  So, if the Americans eliminate travel from Russia to the US...then according to tradition...Russia must eliminate American tourism to Russia...and the vassal states will soon follow.

It is a slice to the jugular of Tourism in Russia.  so the end game is to financially castrate, strangle and isolate Russia from global commerce and tourism--the two big moneymakers in contemporary economics.

Meanwhile, Russia continues to mop up in Syria and drive the USrael proxies from their rat's nests and lairs.  Russia is still trying to apply the rules of International Law to the "above the law" entities behind the world's neverending warmongering.  Here's a recent report:


"Russia demands investigation of allegations US and UK supplied chemical weapons to terrorists

Russia demands investigation of allegations US and UK supplied chemical weapons to terrorists. Specifically, chemical weapons confirmed by the OPCW to be in the hands of terrorists in Aleppo and Damascus are said to have derived from the US and UK.

Today, the Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Maria Zakharova stated,
“This information requires immediate verification by international bodies. This is not the first time when the western countries, namely, the representatives and the states involved in the US-led coalition, are suspected of supplying and supporting extremist groups, terrorists and militants. The information requires serious attention and immediate verification”.
This crucial information that Russia intends to verify as soon as possible not only validates an OPCW report and mission which signed off on the fact that the Syrian government has not possessed chemical weapons since 2014, but that the terrorists in Syria which have been known to use such weapons may have obtained them via the United States and United Kingdom."


All the Global Distractions (including M$M obsession with Eclipse/"Black Sky Event) are geared to hiding the fact that the West got it's @$$ kicked in Syria:

No matter what the distractions and the Ziohollywood types will fall all over themselves in the creation of manufactured hype...nothing, no NOTHING can hide the truth that the Zios were finally beaten at their own game in Syria.  They have lost for the first time since 9/11.  Here is the proof.  A video of an ISIS fighter telling the camera why he's given up.  In Arabic he says "It's finished".  You tube will not allow me to upload the actual video onto my blog but you can cut and paste the URL below:

ISIS "It's Over".  Video blocked by YouTube

Faced with admitting to the world that they lost...they instead decide to re-write history.

Ever since Donbass stood up to the Kiev Junta Ukraine neo-Nazi batallions in 2014 and defended their ethnic Russian homeland from being take over by the West...the perps have been gnashing their teeth about yet another "Flag" flap.  It seems that the Novorossians used a flag very similar to the one the Confederate soldiers fought under in the Civil War.

Flag of Novorossiya during Recent Ukraine Civil War
wherein the ethnic Russians were victorious

Not wanting to perpetuate any confusion or ambiguity in the Usrael Sheeple, the perps decided to get rid of all symbols of the US Confederate Army, but particularly the flag...which they immediately demonized and tore down from public buildings.  This engendered hysteria, which they have taken to perfection--due to their complete control over the Legacy media... and which is now spreading even to non-Confederate statues and symbols.

Speaking of Novorossia

...or as the name has recently been changed to---Malorossia---I had to laugh recently when I saw that the leader of the Donbass forces in the Ukraine civil war Alexander Zakharchenko, announced that they were going to take some time to re-evaluate the name "Malorossia" as there had been some dissention amongst the population to that name.  So where does that leave the new flag of Malorussia (below) which was supposed to replace the battle flag above?

New Flag of Malorossia???

The reason I find the switcheroo regarding flags because I see the black irony in USrael going to all the trouble to re-write history and denigrate entrenched American History, lore and culture...not to mention Tourist destinations [I, myself, travelled to Gettysburg many years ago and actually stood on the exact spot where Lincoln stood when he gave his "Gettysburg Address"].  So, rather than have Americans "confused" by the use of the (standard and universal) battle flag by the Novorossians...they decided to destroy the image/popularity of the Confederate Battle Flag.  THEN...the Novorossians decided to abandon the use of this controversial battle flag.

Are You Confused Yet? 

Well, if not, then you can consider yourself immune to sheeplefication.  And on that somewhat light note...I leave you "armed and dangerous" to face the events of the coming week!  Bye for now and have a great day!

Sunday, August 20, 2017

BREAKING NEWS: CCTV Cameras Actually WORK in Siberian City!

CCTV Camera Footage of Knife Attacker 
being Chased then Shot by Police Officer

Can you imagine the importance of this earth shattering event?!  After decades of newsworthy events failing to be captured on the Omnipresent CCTV installed on every major street corner throughout the actually happened!  In the historic video above, a CCTV camera set up in the remote city of Surgut, Siberia, actually functioned as intended!

In this stunning footage, the camera actually captured the moment when a Russian police officer shot a knife wielding attacker on the run after he attacked several civilians on the street.  Who knew that the CCTV cameras in Surgut, Siberia would out-perform their counterparts in London, Ottawa and even those CCTV cameras surrounding and cloaking the Pentagon--as it was hit by a cruise missile [fired directly into the offices of the budgetary accountants trying to find the trillions of missing dollars from the Pentagon Budget] on 9/11.

With this groundbreaking success...perhaps Russia can share with the world how to set up and maintain CCTV cameras so that they can provide valuable evidence of crimes in progress [as they were designed to do].  The CCTV technicians in Siberia should now be sent to capital cities around the world to share their wisdom and expertise in the cause of public security, justice and truth! 

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Defend Your Homeland or Die

Thierry Meyssan

The following article by Thierry Meyssan appeared in Voltaire Net the other day and I put it aside to read later.  Having read it this morning, I believe it deserves more than a "cut and paste" into a regular post.  It deserves its own post and I encourage readers to read it carefully in it's entirety.  It does account for what has been happening recently in global geopolitics.  And, more importantly, parts of the strategy of the global imperialists as described by Meyssan can be extrapolated to explain what has been going on in the West...the lands supposedly excluded from the perps diabolical plan as illustrated in the map below.  I believe that this outcome [total destruction of human societies] is planned not only for the so-called "Gap Countries" but also for the recalcitrant states in Europe, North America [i.e., the Trump supporters] and elsewhere.  In other words, it's a mass cull.

Meyssan says that Syrian President Bashar al Assad has been the only national leader thus far to outwit the destroyers and that in doing so--he has provided a template of success for the world.

"In May 2017, Thierry Meyssan appeared on Russia Today and explained where the South American elites were going wrong in their fight against US imperialism. He insisted that there has been a sea-change in the way the US now wages armed conflicts and we now need to radically rethink how we should defend our homeland. 

The operation to destabilize Venezuela continues. The first phase: violent gangs demonstrating against the government killed passers by, as if citizenship created no bonds between them. The second phase: the major food suppliers organized food shortages in the supermarkets. Then some members of the forces attacked several ministers, called for a rebellion and now have retreated into hiding.
Of course the international press never ceases to hold the “regime” responsible for the deaths of demonstrators. Yet it is a fact that a number of videos testify that these demonstrators were deliberately assassinated by demonstrators themselves. No regard is paid to this and on the basis of this false information, the press then proceeds to qualify Nicolas Maduro as a “dictator” just as it did six years ago with respect to Muammar Gaddafi and Bashar el-Assad.
The United States has used the Organization of American States (the OAS) as an arm against President Maduro just like it once used the Arab League against President al-Assad. Caracas, not expecting to be excluded from the Organization, denounced this method and left of its own accord.
Maduro’s government has however two failures on its balance sheet: the vast majority of its voters did not go to the polling stations for the legislative elections of 2015, allowing the opposition to sweep a majority in Parliament. it was caught out by the crisis of food products, even though the same thing had been organized in the past in Chile against Allende and in Venezuela against Chávez. It required several weeks to put in place new circuits to provide food.
In all likelihood, the conflict that begins in Venezuela will not be held back by its borders. It will ooze out, embracing the entire North West of the South American continent and the Caribbean.
An additional step has been taken with military preparations against Venezuela, Bolivia and Ecuador following Mexico, Colombia and British Guyana. The team responsible for co-ordinating these measures is from the former Office of Global Democracy Strategy. This was a unit established by President Bill Clinton, then continued by Vice President Dick Cheney and his daughter Liz. Mike Pompeo, the current director of the CIA, has confirmed that this unit exists. This has led to rumours in the press, followed up by President Trump, of a US military option.
To save his country, President Maduro’s team has refused to follow the example of President al-Assad. Maduro’s team thinks that there is no real comparison between what is happening in Venezuela and Syria. The United States, the principal capitalist power, would set off to Venezuela to steal its oil, according to a plan that has been repeatedly played out in the past on three continents. This point of view was given further weight by a speech that Evo Morales, Bolivia’s President, recently delivered.
Let us recall that in 2003 and 2011, President Saddam Hussein, the Guide Muammar Gaddafi and a number of President Assad’s advisors reasoned similarly. They thought that the US would attack the following states in succession: Afghanistan and Iraq, then Tunisia, Egypt and Libya and Syria. And why? For the sole reason of bringing about the collapse of regimes that were resisting its imperialism and controlling hydrocarbon resources in an expanded Middle East. A number of anti-imperialist authors cling to this analysis today. So for example, they use it to try to explain the war against Syria by reference to the interruption of the Qatari gas pipeline project.
Now, this line of thinking is turning out to be false. The US is not looking to reverse progressive governments (Libya and Syria), nor to steal the region’s oil and gas. Its intent is to decimate States, to send people of these countries back to a pre-historic time where “man did not love his neighbour as God loved him but would pounce like a wolf upon his neighbour” [Translator’s note: the literal translation of the French original is: “man was a wolf for man”].
Has toppling the Saddam Hussein regime and the regime of Gaddafi brought peace back to these states? No! Wars have continued even though “government of occupation” has been set up in Iraq, then a government composed of other governments in the region including those who collaborated with the imperialists opposed to national independence. Wars are still being waged. This surely evidences that Washington and London had no intention of toppling these regimes nor defending democracy. These were transparent covers for their true intentions which were to eliminate the people in these states. It is a basic observation that rocks our understanding of contemporary imperialism.
This strategy, radically new, was taught by Thomas P. M. Barnett following 11-September 2001. It was publicly revealed and exposed in March 2003 – that is, just before the war against Iraq— in an article in Esquire, then in the eponym book, The Pentagon’s New Map. However, such a strategy appears so cruel in design, that no one imagined it could be implemented.
Imperialism seeks to divide the world in two. One part will be a stable area which profits from the system while in the other part a terrifying chaos will reign. This other will be a zone, where all thought of resisting has been wiped it; where every thought is fixated on surviving; an area where the multinationals can extract raw materials which they need without any duty to account to anyone.

According to this map, taken from one of Thomas P. Barnett’s power point slides, presented at a conference held at the Pentagon in 2003, every state in the pink zone must be destroyed. This project has nothing to with the struggle between classes at the national level nor with exploiting natural resources. Once they are done with the expanded Middle East, the US strategists are preparing to reduce the North West of Latin America to ruins.

Since the eighteenth century and the British Civil War, Western development has been triggered by its attempt to do all it can to avoid chaos. Thomas Hobbes taught us to support the thinking of the State rather than risk experiencing this torment for another time. The notion of chaos only returned to us with Leo Strauss, after the Second World War. This philosopher, who has personally trained a number of personalities within the Pentagon, intended to build a new form of power by plunging part of the world into hell.
Jihadism inflicted onto an expanded Middle East has shown us what is chaos.
While President Assad reacted as anticipated to the events of Deraa (March – April 2011), by sending his army to quell the jihadists of the Mosque al-Omari, he was the first to understand what was happening. Far from increasing the powers of the forces to maintain order to repress the aggression sourced from abroad, he equipped his people with the means to defend their homeland.
First: he lifted the state of emergency, dissolved the special courts, freed the Internet communications and forbid the armed forces to use their arms if to do so would endanger the lives of innocent civilians.
When Assad took these decisions he was clearly not going with the flow. And these decisions were ladened with consequences. For example, at the time of the attack of a military convoy at Banias, soldiers held off using their weapons in self-defence; they preferred to be mutilated by the bombs of their attackers and occasionally die, rather than to fire, risking injuring inhabitants that were looking at them being massacred without intervening.
Like many at this time, I thought that the President was too weak and his troops too loyal; that Syria was going to go down. However six years on, Bashar el-Assad and the Syrian armed forces met the challenge. While at the beginning the soldiers have struggled alone against foreign aggression, gradually, every citizen came on board, to defend the country.
Those who were not able to or who did not want to resist, went into exile. It is clearly the case that the Syrian people have greatly suffered. That said, Syria is the only State in the entire world, since the Vietnam War, to have resisted until imperialism tires itself out and surrenders.
Second: faced with this invasion of a multitude of jihadists, from Muslim populations all over the world – Morocco to China, President Assad took the decision to abandon part of his territory to save his people.
The Syrian Arab Army confined itself to the “useful Syria”, that is, to the cities. It abandoned the countryside and the deserts to the attackers. Damascus kept supervising, uninterruptedly, the provision of food to every region under its control. Contrary to an idea accepted by the West as common knowledge, the only areas where there is famine are those areas under Jihadi control and in the cities that it has besieged; the “ foreign rebels” (forgive this oxymoron), supplied by “humanitarian” associations, use the distribution of food packages as a means of making starving populations submit to them.
The Syria people have seen for themselves how the Republic alone assumed the role of feeding them and protecting them. The Muslim Brotherhood and their jihadists played no part.
Third: In a speech delivered on 12 December 2012, President Assad traced, how he intended to remake political unity in his country. Of special mention, he pointed out the need to draft a new constitution and to submit it to adoption by a qualified majority of his people then to proceed to democratically elect all institutional officials, including of course, the President.
At that time, the Westerners mocked the claim of President Assad to call elections when the war was at its bloodiest. Today, all diplomats involved in resolving this conflict including the UN, support Assad’s plan.
While Jihadi commandos were freely roaming the entire country, notably Damascus, and were murdering politicians even invading their homes where their families were, to do so, President Assad has encouraged dialogue with nationals who oppose him. He guaranteed the security of the liberal Hassan el-Nouri and the Marxist Maher el-Hajjar so that they too, might risk presenting themselves at the presidential elections in June 2014. Despite an appeal to boycott issued by the Muslim Brotherhood and Western governments, despite jihadi terror, despite the fact that millions of citizens were exiled abroad, voter turn out (of those present) was 73.42 %.
In the same way, from the beginning of the war, he created a ministry for National Reconciliation, something never seen before in a country where war is going on. Assad handed the ministry over to Ali Haidar, the President of PSNS, an allied party. He negotiated and concluded thousands of agreements taking into account the amnesty of citizens who had taken arms against the Republic and their integration in the Syrian Arab Army.
During this war, President Assad has never used force against his own people. This is so, despite the allegations of those who freely accuse him of widespread torture. So, let me be clear: he has never set up mass executions nor mandatory conscriptions. It is always possible for a young man to avoid his military obligations. Administrative procedures allow any male citizen to evade national service if he does not desire to defend his country with weapons in hand. Only the exiled who have not had the occasion to pursue these procedures may find themselves in violation of these laws.
For six years, President Assad has not stopped on the one hand, making an appeal to his people, asking them to thrust upon him obligations, and on the other hand, trying to feed them and to protect them, as far as he is able. He has always assumed the risk of giving before receiving. That is why today, he has won the confidence of his people, and can count on their active support.
South American elites are wrong to pursue the fight of the previous decades for a fairer distribution of their wealth. The battle which they must focus is no longer one where the majority of the people and small class of privileged individuals are on opposite sides.
The choice put to the peoples of the expanded Middle East and to the people of South America is this: aut defendendum vobis patriam est aut morendum vobis est (you must either defend your homeland or die). It is this question that they will have to respond to.
The facts prove it: the number one priority of imperialism today is no longer plundering natural resources. Imperialism, unscrupulous, dominates the world. Yet now its vision has expanded to wiping out people and to destroying the societies in the regions where it is already exploiting resources.
In this iron era, the Assad strategy alone allows us to stand tall and free."
Anoosha Boralessa

Friday, August 18, 2017

UPDATED: Fascist Entities--Unable to Attract Tourism to their own "Nations"--Strike at Yet another Tourist Mecca!

UPDATED: August 19, 2017 - BREAKING NEWS - RT is reporting that bombing the Iconic Catholic Church. La Sagreda Familia in Barcelona was "Plan A" for the terrorists who, instead, rammed a rented Van into tourists strolling on Las Ramblas in Barcelona.  If you read my post below you will see that I have predicted for over a year now that this "Most Beautiful Building in the World"...Antoni Gaudi's masterpiece, will forever be a target for the diabolical, evil perps--who have been behind all atrocities from 9/11 onwards.

Green with Envy over Tourist Wealth that
has avoided their Rats Nests for decades
Perps decide to directly attack Tourist Meccas

Everyone is talking about the latest False Flag in Barcelona, Spain.  ISIS has officially taken "credit" for whatever happened there--the facts of which are, as per usual--shrouded in an onion skin of lies, half truths and disinformation.  We even have the shopworn story about the conveniently dropped "passport" of the Arabic patsy.  They really ARE running out of ideas!  And just today, there is yet another attack in another tourist area of Spain...a beach 120 km south of Barcelona.

Here is the official story from the CBC.  RT has also reported on the False Flag and have connected the dots between the Barcelona attack and four other similar attacks in European Hot Spots:

"5 terror attacks in Europe when vehicles were rammed into pedestrians (VIDEOS
Published time: 17 Aug, 2017 17:58


Last summer (2016) after the Nice, France attack, I published a couple of posts where I blamed the recent spate of "tourism/terrorism" on simple greed and envy.  After all, standing back and/or flying high like a crow...and observing the situation, it's obvious what's going on here.  Some "entity" is very jealous of the mega bucks being amassed by certain European tourist meccas and is trying to destroy this overflowing and never-ending fountain of riches.  One after another, the entity has picked off the tourist hot spots....Germany during Oktoberfest, France during the high season on its Mediterranean beaches and Barcelona on the Ramblas.  It's not rocket science's all about destruction of local (national) economies...and here's the important angle.  It is also an attack on nationalism itself...the national culture of the country is under attack.

Having visited Barcelona and walked along the Ramblas, I can say that Barcelona is one of the treasures on this planet and a "must visit" for any would-be tourist.  The huge cathedral "la Sagrada Familia" designed by Antoni Gaudi is spectacular on the outside but particularly on the inside where, with its incredible stained glass walls and parabolic light flooding the has a transcendent, unearthly beauty.  I have written about it previously.  Significantly, and ominously, it's design includes four huge facades, one of which is a depiction of the Crucifixion of Christ--with the inscription over the cross (in Spanish) "Behold Jesus, the King of the Jews".  When I saw that inscription during my stroll around the church...I thought "Oh no.  That's like a red flag to a bull".

La Sagrada Familia
I hope to return to Barcelona when
this "most beautiful building in the world"
is finished and celebrated in 2026

With the aging of the Western Population...and the seniors finally having lots of time and, more importantly, money in their pensions, for travel...the race/contest is on for attracting these millions of dollars in cruises and excursions.  Westerners haven't been provided (by the complicit M$M) with numbers regarding the various nations' incomes from tourism...but I will bet that tourism has suffered immensely in the US and in Israel.  Who would want to holiday in countries constantly in domestic chaos and engendering negative publicity due to incessant warmongering?  Now, WHO would be calculating enough to use cowardly sabotage and False Flags to try and deter some of these tourist dollars from going to nations other than those nations they themselves live in? Well, let's follow the evidentiary crumbs...ISIS has admitted it's behind the terrorist attack.  USrael/Mossad is behind ISIS...ergo. So there is that rather direct connection.  But, less visible but more compelling is the stink that arises from this latest atrocity.  It is the usual stink.  It is the very familiar stink of the "usual suspects".  

In summary, while I agree with the almost unanimous verdict arrived at by the alternative media that Barcelona was yet another false flag.  I believe I'm unique in that I detect that the agenda here is economic, rather than political...or, that it is a combined agenda....with the ultimate aim of destroying and/or redirecting the Tourism Industry in Europe.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

What Truth Sounds Like - Abby Martin Describes the "Hell on Earth" that is Palestine

Abby Martin on the Joe Rogan Podcast Program
"...Worse than I could Ever Imagine"

Westerners haven't heard the truth spoken in the Main$tream (Legacy) Media for such a long time that they wouldn't recognize it if they heard it.  The above, hard, searing interview is how the truth sounds.  Imagine if Abby Martin went on one of those drivel talk shows on CNN or FAUX or NBC and talked about the things she's talking about in the video above.  Imagine if she could describe the things she saw during her recent month long stay in Israel.  Now THAT, my friends, would be freedom of the press!

But, the Satanic CIA did it's mockingbird stunt just so that nothing like the above could ever reach the tiny, addled brains of the sheeple. The CIA [Covert Israeli Agenda] destroyed one of the pillars of a true democracy and THAT is precisely why the world is now in the shape it's in...teetering on the brink of nuclear Armageddon.

Then the Internet came along.... and the truth started to seep up through the floorboards again.  What to do?  What to Dooooooooooo!?

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

The Tempest - What's Really Behind USrael's Political Theatre Obsession with Korea?

Map of Korea

Politics is theater...and in this day and age it is becoming more and more obvious that the usual political themes are bankrupt from overuse, repetition and are generally stolen from past productions.  Witness what's going on lately regarding North Korea.  The plot is loosely taken from Shakespeare's "The Tempest":

"The Tempest is a play by William Shakespeare, believed to have been written in 1610–11, and thought by many critics to be the last play that Shakespeare wrote alone, and is illustrated by Arthur Rackham in 1926. It is set on a remote island, where the sorcerer Prospero, rightful Duke of Milan, plots to restore [regime change?]his daughter Miranda to her rightful place using illusion and skilful manipulation. He conjures up a storm, the eponymous tempest, to cause his usurping brother Antonio and the complicit King Alonso of Naples to believe they are shipwrecked and marooned on the island. There, his machinations bring about the revelation of Antonio's lowly nature, the redemption of the King, and the marriage of Miranda to Alonso's son, Ferdinand...."

Scene from "The Tempest

The  Atlanticist Ziofascist Empire, thrashing around in its dying throes, has borrowed from Shakespeare to conjure up yet another "Tempest" on the Korean Penninsula.  This is not the first time it has staged this kind of distraction.  Just about every decade since the Korean War, it has staged a production where some obese oriental ruler, after being terrorized and taunted, shakes his fat fist at the US--and the equally obese West gets to orchestrate a media storm or "Tempest" in order to terrorize North Korea, its regional neighbours in South East Asia, AND its own American population.  Here's the latest on the Korean "crisis" from RT.  Please read the following and I will have more thoughts in comments to follow:


The US and North Korea must "hit the brakes" and find a peaceful resolution to their ongoing crisis, China's foreign minister said. It comes amid a war of words and mutual strike threats between Washington and Pyongyang. The remarks by Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi were made during a Tuesday phone conversation with his Russian counterpart, Sergey Lavrov.
“The most important task for the US and North Korea is to ‘hit the brakes’ on their mutual needling of each other with words and actions, to lower the temperature of the tense situation and prevent an ‘August crisis,’” Wang said during the conversation, according to a statement published on the Chinese Foreign Ministry's website.

He told Lavrov that China and Russia should work together to contain tensions and to not allow anyone to "stir up an incident on their doorstep." Lavrov echoed Wang's sentiments, telling the Chinese foreign minister that "a resolution of the North Korea nuclear issue by military force is completely unacceptable and the peninsula’s nuclear issue must be peacefully resolved by political and diplomatic methods." The Russian foreign minister noted during the conversation that tensions between Washington and Pyongyang could rise once again, as the US and South Korea prepare to launch large-scale military drills on August 21.

However, South Korean President Moon Jae-in said on Tuesday that "there will be no war repeated on the Korean peninsula," adding that military action against Pyongyang should be decided by "ourselves and not by anyone else."
Moon said that Seoul would work with Washington to counter security threats, but stressed the need to focus on diplomatic efforts.

Meanwhile, the chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, Marine Corps Gen. Joseph Dunford, currently in China, met with his Chinese counterpart on Tuesday. No details of the meeting have been released, though AP reported the conversation "touched" on North Korea.
READ MORE: ‘Korean peninsula on the brink’: US & N. Korean warmongering paradoxically identical – Zakharova

Dunford's visit to China came after he stopped in Seoul to meet with senior South Korean military and political officials, as well as local media. The top official will also visit Japan, which on Wednesday conducted air maneuvers with US bombers southwest of the Korean Peninsula. The exercises come after Pyongyang threatened to strike the US territory of Guam, stressing that a ballistic missile would fly over three Japanese prefectures.

However, the US also conducted several military drills and air patrols in the region prior to the threat Dunford has noted that the US is seeking to resolve tensions with North Korea peacefully, but said that Washington is willing to use the "full range" of its military capabilities. US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson echoed that sentiment on Tuesday, telling reporters in Washington that "we continue to be interested in trying to find a way to get to dialogue, but that's up to [North Korean leader Kim Jong-un]."  That statement followed US President Donald Trump’s warning last week that his country's military was "locked and loaded," and that North Korea would be faced with "fire and fury" if it continued to threaten the United States.

Kim vowed on Tuesday to wait a little longer before hitting Guam, and to watch “[the] stupid conduct of the Yankees,” while urging Washington to refrain from further escalation of the crisis. However, he said the plan could still go ahead, and threatened to "wring the windpipes of the Yankees and point daggers at their necks" in the event of any further "power demonstration."

On Wednesday, Trump praised the decision to delay the strike plan as “a very wise and well reasoned decision.”

Smoke and Mirrors on the Korean Peninsula

In the latest Act in this ongoing deadly farce, Kim Jong Un has "wisely" backed off his threat to attack the USrael military base on Guam.  The western "Legacy Media" has been selectively and deceptively reporting on the situation on the Korean Peninsula (both north and south) for decades.... and have created a totally false and fabricated scenario for what is actually going on in North Korea.  But, due to the rise of the Internet and Alternative news sources, such as Global, bloggers like this one are now able to access realistic and rational reports from behind the curtain.  Korea is no longer a "remote land", able to serve as a theatre for lies like the island in "The Tempest". 

Just today, Global Research has posted a report that indicates that the North Korean health system is better than the one they have (or don't have as the case may be) in the United States.  So much for North Korea being a "primitive, backward land". 

Pyongyang, Capital of North Korea

Having recently visited South East Asia, including Vietnam, but not including Korea, I can personally attest to being gobsmacked by the richness and fertility of that area of the world.  My first impression of Vietnam was: "No wonder the US wanted to strip it of its resources!"  Some parts of Vietnam, in spite of the war in the '60's and '70's and the dropping of tons of toxic poisons on it...are still like the Garden of Eden.  The Vietnamese people still live off the land--and prosper--in their small towns and villages.  

No doubt, the same applies to the Korean Peninsula.  If they lied about Vietnam, no doubt the lies about North Korea are even bigger.  I know there have been reports about deliberate desertification of  North Korea via weather modification/weaponization. I know that economic sanctions have for decades prevented economic growth and have deprived North Korea of basic foods and medications for their citizens (just like Iraq before it's military destruction).  The country has been systematically isolated and kept back.  Why?

Well, the answer, again, is obvious.  The Atlanticist Empire does not want South Korea and North Korea to unify [divide and conquer].  For their financial/military dominance to continue...USrael needs to keep South Korea as a virtual occupied military base--with weaponry trained on their arch-rival, China.  There are even reports that it was USrael that provided North Korea with the nuclear weaponry it is now threatening the US with!  South Korea, like several other nations around the world, [Philippines, Venezuela, Germany?] has been making noises recently about independence from the post Korean War occupation that prevents the unification of South and North Korea.  Since the Korean War...families have been separated between North and South and the economy has been stymied by inability to build pipelines through North Korea to China and other mega transportation infrastructure projects that would enhance commerce in the region.  Whenever the "independence/unification" chatter gets too loud in South Korea, the perps bring out their old, stage-worn crew of actors and themes.  The hope is, that each new generation of Koreans (and Westerners) can be terrorized anew with the same old play.

The Final Act?

But in this new information era, the new generations of Koreans, both in the North and South, look forward instead--towards a future as part of China's Silk Road....not the barbed wire and bristling missiles and threatened nuclear Armageddon's of the West.  China and Russia are stepping up to the international plate in terms of defusing tensions created by the Smoke and Mirrors crowd [witness Lavrov and his Chinese Counterpart's calming words in the report above]. Could this latest "Guns of August" performance by USrael be the last Act in a very worn out play?  The world is hoping so.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Dog Whistle Newzzzzzzzz

Dog Whistle Newzzzzzzzzzz

It's Tuesday, and the Western legacy Main$tream media is still foaming at the mouth like a rabid dog.  The latest foamination arising out of last weekend's manufactured [false flag?] crisis resulting from a "riot" in Charlottesville, Virginia.  Below is a good analysis from Lew  Americans and even some in the alternate media are responding to the strident 24/7 M$M dog whistle coming from the ziofascist, CIA neocon, globalist perps--who seem bound and determined to split the US civil society wide open--rather than have their carved-in-stone Satanic, warmongering agenda delayed and/or thwarted by the bumbling nincompoop, Donald Trump.  Below, are a couple of excerpts from David Stockman's post and I will have more thoughts in comments to follow:

That Wasn't No Dog Whistle

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Thought Cleansing Project Being Orchestrated by Google

Internet Censorship - Google is cleansing
the Internet of Alternative
sources of information and news

According to this article in the UNZ review, Google has been orchestrating a massive "thought cleansing" censorship program over the past several months.  This blogger has noticed along with many of my colleagues a dramatic variation in the number of "hits" on our blogs.  Checking my Greencrow As The Crow Flies [GATCF] stats regularly and reviewing in particular my all time stats of readership since 2013, when I began to blog full time, I see this:

Now what did GATCF Dooooooo to cause such a
dramatic drop in readership?
In Other Words, Why Did I Fling
Myself off that Statistical Cliff?????!!!!

Well, I'm certainly not going to ask the behemoth algorithm all-seeing eye in the sky, Google, what went wrong way back in early 2016!  Please read the following article from the UNZ review and I will have more thoughts in comments to follow:

Google’s New Search Protocol Is Restricting Access to 13 Leading Socialist, Progressive and Anti-War Web Sites

New data compiled by the World Socialist Web Site, with the assistance of other Internet-based news outlets and search technology experts, proves that a massive loss of readership observed by socialist, anti-war and progressive web sites over the past three months has been caused by a cumulative 45 percent decrease in traffic from Google searches.

The drop followed the implementation of changes in Google’s search evaluation protocols. In a statement issued on April 25, Ben Gomes, the company’s vice president for engineering, stated that Google’s update of its search engine would block access to “offensive” sites, while working to surface more “authoritative content.”

The World Socialist Web Site has obtained statistical data from SEMrush estimating the decline of traffic generated by Google searches for 13 sites with substantial readerships. The results are as follows: fell by 67 percent fell by 63 percent fell by 62 percent fell by 47 percent fell by 47 percent fell by 42 percent fell by 37 percent fell by 36 percent fell by 36 percent fell by 30 percent fell by 25 percent fell by 21 percent fell by 19 percent

Of the 13 web sites on the list, the World Socialist Web Site has been the most heavily affected. Its traffic from Google searches has fallen by two thirds.

The new statistics demonstrate that the WSWS is a central target of Google’s censorship campaign. In the twelve months preceding the implementation of the new Google protocols, the WSWS had experienced a substantial increase in readership. A significant component of this increase was the product of Google search results. The rapid rise in search traffic reflected the well-documented growth in popular interest in socialist politics during 2016. The rate of growth accelerated following the November election, which led to large protests against the election of Trump.

Search traffic to the WSWS peaked in April 2017, precisely at the point when Google began the implementation of its censorship protocols.

Another site affected by Google’s action has provided information that confirms the findings of the WSWS.

“In late May, changes to Google’s algorithm negatively impacted the volume of traffic to the Common Dreams website from organic Google searches,” said Aaron Kaufman, director of development at progressive news outlet Common Dreams. “Since May, traffic from Google Search as a percentage of total traffic to the Common Dreams website has decreased nearly 50 percent.”

The extent and impact of Google’s actions prove that a combination of techniques is being employed to block access to targeted sites. These involve the direct flagging and blackballing of the WSWS and the other 12 sites listed above by Google evaluators. These sites are assigned a highly negative rating that assures that their articles will be either demoted or entirely bypassed. In addition, new programming technology teaches the computers to think like the evaluators, that is, to emulate their preferences and prejudices.

Finally, the precision of this operation strongly suggests that there is an additional range of exclusion techniques involving the selection of terms, words, phrases and topics that are associated with socialist and left-wing websites.

This would explain why the World Socialist Web Site, which focuses on issues such as war, geopolitics, social inequality and working class struggles has experienced such a dramatic fall in Google-generated searches on these very topics. We have seen that the very terms and phrases that would under normal circumstances be most likely to generate the highest level of hits—such as “socialism,” “Marxism” and “Trotskyism”—produce the lowest results.

This is an ongoing process in which one can expect that Google evaluators are continuously adding suspect terms to make their algorithm ever more precise, with the eventual goal of eliminating traffic to the WSWS and other targeted sites.

The information that has been gathered and published by the WSWS during the past week exposes that Google is at the center of a corporate-state conspiracy to drastically curtail democratic rights. The attack on free speech and uncensored access to information is aimed at crippling popular opposition to social inequality, war and authoritarianism.

The central and sinister role of Google in this process demonstrates that freedom of speech and thought is incompatible with corporate control of the Internet.

As we continue our exposure of Google’s assault on democratic rights, we demand that it immediately and unequivocally halt and revoke its censorship program.

It is critical that a coordinated campaign be organized within the United States and internationally against Google’s censorship of the Internet. We intend to do everything in our power to develop and contribute to a counter-offensive against its efforts to suppress freedom of speech and thought.

The fight against corporate-state censorship of the Internet is central to the defense of democratic rights, and there must be a broad-based collaboration among socialist, left and progressive websites to alert the public and the widest sections of the working class."

Folks, this was bound to happen.  Orwell predicted it.... and it is the way the world rumbles and has throughout history.  It can be summed up in the age-old maxim:


*In Fact, Google is stealing statistical numbers from me...the fruit of my blogging labour...just like in the story linked to above...where the Sherriff's deputy is stealing the farmer's hay...while in police uniform.

One other thing we know about power....once an entity has it...they NEVER willingly relinquish it.  No...the only solution to the gradual but steady and relentless elimination of free speech on the Internet and the cleansing of thought is to find another outlet.  I suggested in a post a month or so ago that RT and/or PressTV should get into the Internet Platform business...that is if they want to prevent the total elimination of their market in the West [as the West becomes more and more brainwashed].  Of course, eventually, RT and/or other Internet news sources, once they become powerful will eventually ALSO become corrupted.  But that's "human" nature....just as it is also human nature to gravitate towards truth and to demand to be able to express it and have it promulgated to the masses.

Or, will humanity have to return to the age old method of distribution of truth...sneaking out at night and nailing pamphlets and/or hand written diatribes to poles in the town square?

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Gulf Island Cruise 2017 - Epilogue and Catalogue

Sails Raised - The "Main" and the "Genny"
Setting out to Sail Back to Vancouver
Across Georgia Strait

We're back and unpacked from our yearly Gulf Island Cruise and the crew are recovering nicely.  I hope my "virtual crew" [you readers who I took along, via the Internet] are also resting comfortably.  It was a pleasure having you along and your presence made the trip even more meaningful, adding an element of sharing and mentoring in the "sport" of sailing a small craft through familiar waters.  At our ages, we don't know how many more of these sails we will be able to passing down the information and experience to others is key.

When we re-entered the Port of Vancouver after our eight hour sail/motor across Georgia Strait in calm waters, we felt as if we were entering a war zone or the aftermath of a "Nuclear holocaust" dense was the smoke from the wildfires blazing in the BC Interior.  In all our 45 years on the West Coast, we've never seen so much smoke.

Port of Vancouver, and City Outline
Shrouded in Smoky Haze from BC Forest Fires

There must be a lot more forest fires in the interior than we are being told.  Just yesterday, the BC government issued a complete ban on anyone entering the BC Back Country. Of course, as the Captain said, the winds are blowing from the opposite direction of normal for this time of year, which has resulted in the smoke blowing towards metro Vancouver.  Anyway, today for the first time in 6 weeks, there are "real" clouds in the sky and a slight prediction of rain for tomorrow.  One thing I meant to mention...throughout all these weeks of smoky overcast...there have been NO chemtrails.  I have looked for them every day and detected none through the orangey-grey haze.  Wonder WHO makes these decisions.  Who decides: "Hey, we have enough haze down there in the Pacific North let's move the chemtrail program to, say, Hawaii"...or some such?

As we look ahead to the last few weeks of summer 2017, I see some dark, geopolitical clouds on the horizon. There's the usual late August, early September fear of a major False Flag.  This annual psychological terror time period has been with us since at least 9/11.  This year it comes in the form of an EMP [electro-magnetic pulse] threatThe EMP threat carries with it the entire catalogue of contemporary fears...loss of electricity for daily needs, darkness and immobility due to no fuel supply for our cars...and, perhaps worst of ALL...loss of access to our cell phones and Internet devices...will we even be human anymore without instant connectivity to the Internet???!!!

So, as we brace ourselves for this seasonal terrorist rite of passage...let me again thank my 'virtual crew' for your patience, forbearance, interest and support during our humble voyage and, for those who like to reminisce...I have provided below two maps of the geographic area and catalogue of links to posts made during the sailing cruise:

Map #1 Sailing from home port near
Coquitlam down Burrard Inlet
UNDER Lions Gate Bridge
to Bowen Island (Snug Cove)

Map #2 - Our Route - from Vancouver
across Georgia Strait to Gabriola then
through Gulf Islands down to Sidney then
back up to Nanaimo and return to Vancouver

2017 Sailing Itinerary

Part Six - Dog Daze of Summer, Port Sidney Harbour, Vancouver Island

Part Eight - The Captain Speaks, Ladysmith Harbour Vancouver Island*

Part Ten - And the Winner Is:  Nanaimo, BC Vancouver Island 

Part Eleven - Shine On You Crazy Diamonds, on board the "Limerence" in Georgia Strait

*Some posts were saved and published later due to connectivity issues