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What happens when the US M$M goes "rogue"

US Soldier in Syria June, 2017
Photo published with Newsweek Story

Ever since Gary Webb, one of the last real journalists in the United States, was "suicided" for breaking the Pulitzer-winning story about CIA running the drug trade in the West...I've seriously wondered...What WOULD happen if a mainstream media news outlet decided to publish real (not fake) news again.  Well, curiously enough...I found out not too long ago.  Newsweek, yes Newsweek that used to be a pillar of journalism in the West...that I had a weekly subscription to in the 1970's...recently decided to publish the following headline:

Syria and Russia Say ISIS Is Dead, Now U.S. Must Go

Police of an Indeterminate Police Force
Raid Newsweek Offices
Greencrow says:  Yes, the formerly impregnable journalistic fortress of Newsweek was assaulted by some quasi-police thugs....on the basis of spurious allegations to do with tax evasion and other charges usually reserved for those entities in the US who dare to break the mold of their servitude.  It's a wonder they weren't being investigated for having sex with an underage Julian Assange was.

Here's the number that FAUX did on Newsweek...note the paragraphs at the bottom...totally denigrating the quality of Newsweek and dismissing it regarding having any force in contemporary American "journalism".

So, folks, there we have it.  A textbook case on what happens when a Main$tream Media outlet goes "rogue".  They get raided by the IRS or some reasonable facsimile.

NOW...wouldn't YOU think twice if you were Newsweek in the future?  Or, if you were managing any other Western News Outlet?  Of course you would.

Now here is how the Western neutered media operates,  Aletho News has compiled a list of how the Western newz covered the Tamini "slap" news story that recently took place in Palestine.  Please read and I will have more comments to follow:

When the M$M toes the line...this is how they cover the Middle this case, Palestine

Slapping an Israeli Soldier More Newsworthy Than Shooting a Palestinian Child in the Face

14-year-old Nour Tamini Shot Point Blank
in Face by Israeli Commandos - 1 hr. prior to "The Slap"

Coverage of Ahed Tamimi obscures Israeli violence and occupation
Gregory Shupak | FAIR | January 17, 2018
Israeli soldiers shot 14-year-old Palestinian Mohammad Tamimi point-blank in the face with a rubber-jacketed bullet on December 14, 2017, in Nabi Saleh, a small village in the occupied West Bank. The boy had to undergo six hours of surgery and was placed in a medically induced coma.
An hour later, Mohammad’s cousin, Ahed Tamimi, slapped and kicked at an armed Israeli soldier. Early the next week, after video of Ahed’s actions went viral, Israeli soldiers raided the Tamimi home at 3 a.m., arresting Ahed and confiscating the family’s phones, computers and laptops.
Ahed has been denied bail and could face years in prison. (Nour Tamimi, a 16-year-old cousin of Ahed’s who is also in the video, was also arrested and has been released on bail. Ahed’s mother Nariman was arrested later that day when she inquired about her daughter, and she remains in custody.)
Erasing the shooting
A January 1 Newsweek article described the incident as Ahed “assaulting Israeli soldiers,” “threatening two Israeli soldiers and then hitting them in the face,” “pushing the soldiers as well as kicking them, hitting them in the face and throwing stones at them.” The piece referred to Ahed’s actions as “assaults” and an “attack.” It failed to report that Israeli soldiers had just shot and severely injured her 14-year-old cousin.
CNN (1/8/18) also ran a piece that left out the most serious act of violence that day, as did Reuters (12/28/17, 1/1/18). An Associated Press report (12/28/17) had the same deficiency, leaving the false impression that the soldier was attacked without provocation.
The Newsweek piece also failed to note that the Israeli soldiers are members of a military force that has been occupying the West Bank for 50 years. Nor does CBS’s December 21 account mention the occupation, which structures every interaction between Palestinians and Israelis. (The fact that occupied people have a legal right to resist occupation is left out of all of the articles discussed in this piece.)
A report in the New York Times (12/22/17) does not mention that Mohammad Tamimi was shot in the face with a rubber bullet until the 13th paragraph, as though this fact is of minimal importance. The Times describes Nabi Saleh as having “long-running disputes with a nearby Israeli settlement, Halamish, that Nabi Saleh residents say has stolen their land and water.” The Times does not note that, as a colony on occupied territory, Halamish is illegal under international law.
Normalizing military tribunals
The Newsweek piece says Tamimi “has now been indicted on five counts of assaulting security forces,” and that she is “charged with interfering with the soldiers’ duties by preventing them from returning to their post.” It notes that “in May, she was charged with interfering with soldiers who were trying to arrest a protester throwing stones,” and refers to her indictment two other times, including in the headline. At no point does the article mention that the proceedings are taking place in a military court. Similarly, an Associated Press (1/9/18) report refers to “Israel’s hard-charging prosecution” and “the charges” against Tamimi, without mentioning that she is being tried by the same occupying military that shot her cousin.
Omitting that information makes it sound like Tamimi will receive a fair legal process, but the evidence suggests the opposite. According to the Association for Civil Rights in Israel, Palestinians in the occupied West Bank are subjected to a military court system that “does not grant the right to due process and the rights derived from it,” whereas Israelis illegally colonizing the Occupied Territories have the rights and privileges of a civilian legal system.
In the military courts, the age of majority is 16, which means that Palestinian teenagers can be tried as adults, while 18 is the age of majority for Israelis. Defence for Children International Palestine (DCIP), a group that has consultative status with the UN, reports that Israeli military court judges, who are either active duty or reserve officers in the Israeli military, “rarely exclude evidence obtained by coercion or torture, including confessions drafted in Hebrew, a language most Palestinian children do not understand.” The Israeli military courts’ conviction rate of greater than 99 percent underscores how stacked they are against Palestinians.
Framing Resistance as PR Stunts
The New York Times’ framing of Tamimi’s story suggests that the case’s central issue is whether Palestinians or Israelis would have been better off if the soldier had reacted more violently to being slapped. The Times’ David Halbfinger says
that Israelis could not decide whether the soldiers were virtuous pillars of forbearance and strength . . . or an embarrassing advertisement of national paralysis and vulnerability.
Palestinians, meanwhile,
debated whether the video might have damaged their cause, by showing their oppressors behaving gently, or helped it, by showing that resistance can be effective even when one is unarmed.
The paper even implied that Palestinians may be happy that Tamimi was arrested, writing that “the scene of the young woman being hauled away may have given Palestinians the clear-cut propaganda coup they had been denied by the original confrontation.”
CNN similarly trivialized Tamimi’s arrest, noting that Israelis call her “Shirley Temper” because of “her long ginger curls” and because they accuse her of “starring in carefully choreographed ‘Pallywood’ videos, a dismissive characterization of protests considered staged for the camera.”
While the Times and CNN provide a forum for speculation about whether Palestinians want their own children to suffer because it makes for good public relations, there is much this framing overlooks. For example, none of the above-mentioned articles mention the risk of Tamimi being seriously harmed in Israeli jails. Yet UNICEF charges Israel with subjecting Palestinian youth to “practices that amount to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment, according to the Convention on the Rights of the Child and the Convention against Torture.” These include children “being aggressively awakened in the middle of the night by many armed soldiers and being forcibly brought to an interrogation center tied and blindfolded, sleep-deprived,” and “threatened with death, physical violence, solitary confinement and sexual assault, against themselves or a family member.”
Israel’s well-documented mistreatment of Palestinian youth is ignored in these reports, which suggests it is not Palestinian parents but Western reporters who are interested in crafting a public relations spectacle.


Greencrow summarizes

As Aletho News illustrates above...not only is independent journalism dead in the United States of Israel...but it's reeking corpse is polluting/contaminating the airwaves with manipulations, disinformation...and out-right lies.  Reading how CNN covered Tamini's arrest as quoted here:

CNN similarly trivialized Tamimi’s arrest, noting that Israelis call her “Shirley Temper” because of “her long ginger curls” and because they accuse her of “starring in carefully choreographed ‘Pallywood’ videos, a dismissive characterization of protests considered staged for the camera.”

One is able to understand why CNN, that formerly high ranking news outlet, is now on its deathbed....dying from contamination by close contact with the rotting corpse of journalism.  The only relief from the putrid stench can be found in the alternative Internet...which was growing by leaps and bounds until just recently...when the Entire Internet was Shadow Banned out of existence.  Now, as I metaphorically put it in a recent post.  The Internet has been rendered into separate tiny voices.....crying out from an Iowa corn maze.

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UPDATED: Justice in the Crosshairs - Two examples

UPDATEDAhed Tamini in Israeli Custody Indefinitely

UPDATED:  January 19, 2018 Richard Edmondson of the blog Fig Trees and Vineyards has posted a video interview with Bassam Tamini, father of Ahed Tamini, wherein he says that the trial of Ahed has been set for late January and her mother for early February.  This is why we need alternative will never see this interview on the M$M.  Bassam suspects they will both be jailed for up to two years.  Mr. Tamini provides much important background to "the slap" as the incident is now called.  He says he has had his home raided by Israeli commandos "too many times to count...dozens".  Ahed has witnessed these raids and has gotten into previous physical struggles with the invading police.  Three of her close relatives have been shot and killed by the police.  As to the root cause of the police actions...Tamini says that it lies in the theft by Israel of Tamini's land...he says he actually owns the hundreds of hectares surrounding his home that have been stolen by Israel to build settlements.  Please view the video in the link above and listen to Tamini say that Trump's announcement to move the US embassy to Jerusalem was also a (metaphorical) "slap".

This morning, as I surf the Internet newz I see two major news stories that, on the surface, do not appear at all connected...but, the crow flies high and from a distance can see the dots connecting these two stories that are unfolding thousands of miles apart. The commonality is that both of them are examples of the crisis of world wide justice.  As I've said before on this blog...justice is a living thing...growing and evolving through tradition and precedent and the universality of its principles of evenhandedness, compassion, objectivity, etc.....or, justice can be wounded or even killed if it is starved of the above principles.  Justice is one of the concepts that are intrinsic to our humanity.  Without justice...we're just slaves...robots...or rats in a lab.

Ahed Tamini in Israeli Custody Indefinitely

The two situations where justice is caught in the crosshairs and is in danger of destruction are, First, the indefinite incarceration of the child, 16 year old Ahed Tamini, in an Israeli cell.  Her mother has also been incarcerated indefinitely...for uploading onto the Internet a video of Ahed kicking and slapping an Israeli soldier.  

Standing back and looking at the incarceration of the child, Ahed Tamini, from my perspective and training as a child protection social worker (retired), the injustice is screaming out for urgent intervention on behalf of this child.  Ahed has already been subjected to an entire lifetime of systematic abuse.  She has witnessed her young relatives being shot at close range...she has seen soldiers invading her home on dozens of occasions and violently dragging off her parents...who are activists in a non-violent struggle to protect their lands and heritage.  Recently the words of Martin Luther King were invoked to describe the struggle of the Palestinians who live in the town that Ahed Tamini grew up in. 

By any standards of child protection assessment...Ahed Tamini is a child suffering symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  She is a child who needs urgent medical assistance...she needs counselling and any child who has witnessed such violence.  Here in Canada...the child protection agency would be called in, she would be removed from the violent environment causing the emotional abuse (in her case, the State) and a plan of rehabilitation in a "safe" and loving environment would be arranged for her.   To put Ahed in the mercy of the soldiers who were emotionally torturing her and her family is to escalate, not alieviate the abuse of this child.

In Canada, once a child becomes involved in the Court System, a guardian ad litem (an independent lawyer or other knowledgeable voice--who is empowered to act on the child's behalf) is appointed to make sure she is not further abused by the State and the Justice System. Has a guardian ad litem been appointed to watch over what is happening to Ahed as she remains in custody of "the only democracy in the Middle East"?  I have to name the dangers that Ahed is currently facing in jail.  Is she being physically abused by her captors (she is a captive if there are no charges and if she is being jailed "indefinitely')?  Is she being brainwashed?  Is she being raped?  Is she being medically abused...injected with toxic substances?  

All of the above are real and present dangers to this child.  I am calling out and demanding that this child be released immediately.  I am saying that a guardian ad litem be appointed if one has not already been named.  I am demanding that this situation be brought to discussion at the United Nations...and that someone who cares for justice speak out on behalf of this child!  Do you think that the Canadian delegation to the United Nations would dare ask what is going on with Ahed?

Nuttall/Korody Update

Well, that leads me to my next example of how justice is caught in the crosshairs.  Here in Canada we've had the ongoing trial(s) of vulnerable patsies that have been mentored by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (at the behest of CSIS) into planning terror bombings.  There was the one in Montreal recently that I wrote about not too long ago...

And there is the one here in Vancouver that I have been writing about for several years now.  Today in the British Columbia Court of Appeal...the Federal Government of Canada is spending more taxpayer's dollars appealing the decision of the Vancouver Supreme Court Judge, Catherine Bruce, when she threw out the conviction of the vulnerable ex-addicts, John Nuttall and Amanda Korody.

The final chapter of this multi-million dollar travesty of justice is finally (hopefully) playing itself out.  Yes, it was--and is--a travesty of Justice Bruce courageously wrote... and a very expensive one at that...both in taxpayer funds (that could have gone towards alleviating the homeless crisis in BC) and in police hours spent on the investigation (which time could have been spent dealing with the opioid epidemic--which killed a record 700 British Columbians last year (2017) alone). 

But the triumph of Justice over tyranny is by no means assured.  The Federal Government is persisting in twisting the facts of the case and the words of the justice to get their "new trial".  I have said in the past and still firmly believe that the outcome of this appeal will either support the rule of Justice and the Law...or it will destroy it in Canada...rendering this nation a Police State.  This is what this trial is all about.  If the Federal Government wins its appeal and drags on the police harassment of this vulnerable couple further...and destroys the tenets of law that Justice Bruce defended in her Reasons for Judgment...then Canada will become a Police State.  Just like the United States has been rendered a Police State.  And THAT, folks is what the Nuttall Korody case is really all about...harmonizing the Canadian [in]justice system with that of the United States.

Meanwhile, the Canadian presstitutes are barely following the trial.  When they are they are distracting from the historic implications of the issues being merely focusing on the "cost" of the trial to taxpayers.

In Summary, the dots that connect the two legal cases: a)  the incarceration of a child over in the tiny, borderless entity; and b) the potential re-incarceration of two adults with child mentality here in Vancouver--are revealing that both cases are about the most fundamental principles of Justice--the protection of the vulnerable, the objective application of the law, the removal of "conflict of interest"--when the State "prosecutor" is also the jailer.

Both the Ahed Tamini case and the Nuttall/Korody case are about Police State Tyranny.

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BREAKING NEWS: North and South Korea will participate in 2018 Winter Olympics under one Flag

North and South Korea will Participate in
2018 Winter Olympics under one Flag of Unification

In the best news of the past decade at least...for Peace and Truth seekers...North and South Korea have announced this morning that they will participate in the 2018 Winter Olympics under one, unified Korean Flag.  Congratulations to this united Korea...which has prevailed after decades of imposed separation.

Along with the cheers and hugs of the Koreans, of course, I can also hear the loud crunching, gnashing of teeth of the Military Industrial Complex of the Western globalist, Satanic warmongers...these are the Deep State force that has held Korea hostage for seven decades...their prize...their dark clouded battlefield to test their latest missiles...has suddenly disappeared, evaporated into the white, fluffy clouds of peace. lol

Here is a comment I made to RBTL on my previous post of yesterday about the farcical "Canadian Summit on North Korea" that is currently being held here in Vancouver:
Thanks for the comment. This morning's headlines read that North and South Korea are going to participate in the entire Olympics (including opening ceremonies) under one flag. The Military Industrial Complex is crapping its pants. All those missiles will go to "waste". Russia was going to have to participate in the Olympics under a cloud of humiliation...wonder how the US (and mini me) Canada feel about participating with egg all over their faces!

Watch out for a False Flag in South fend off the flag of unification."
As soon as I read the good news about the Unification of Korea...I rushed to the BBC, the "Voice of Satan" to find out how the MIC was taking this horrific slap to the face and breakdown of power.  Here is a snippet from the BBC report and I will have more thoughts in comments to follow:

Here is the BBC:

Koreas to march under single 'united' flag in Olympic Games

Korean Flag of Unity
"North and South Korea have agreed to march together under a single "unified Korea" flag at next month's Winter Olympics in the South.
They also agreed to field a joint women's ice hockey team in rare talks at the truce village of Panmunjom.
These are the first high-level talks between the two Koreas in more than two years.
The Games will take place between 9 and 25 February in Pyeongchang in South Korea.
If the plans are realised, a hundreds-strong North Korean delegation - including 230 cheerleaders, 140 orchestral musicians and 30 taekwondo athletes - could cross into the South via the land border to attend.
The North has also agreed to send a smaller, 150-member delegation to the Paralympics in March.
Both South Korea's hockey coach and conservative newspapers had expressed concern about the prospect of a united hockey team, saying it could damage South Korea's chances of winning a medal.
Tens of thousands of people are said to have signed online petitions urging President Moon Jae-in to scrap the plan.
And it will have to be approved by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) meeting in
Lausanne, Switzerland, on Saturday, because North Korea has missed registration deadlines or failed to qualify.
South Korea will also need to find ways to host the North Korean delegation without violating UN Security Council sanctions outlawing cash transfers to Pyongyang, and blacklisting certain senior officials from Pyongyang.
Japan has viewed the latest detente with suspicion, with Foreign Minister Taro Kono saying the world should not be blinded by Pyongyang's recent "charm offensive".
"It is not the time to ease pressure or to reward North Korea," Mr Kono said, according to Reuters news agency. "The fact that North Korea is engaging in dialogue could be interpreted as proof that the sanctions are working."


greencrow says:  Japan is naturally viewing the détente with "suspicion". Like Canada, Japan is a vassal state and is told what to view with "suspicion" and what not to view with "suspicion". The Japan perp spokesman tries, at the same time to take credit for the astounding news by claiming that its "proof that the sanctions are working."

Now, lemmeseeeeee, WHO would be the mastermind behind such a diplomatic breakthrough, such a geopolitical landslide, such a masterstroke global chess move?  Lemmeeseeee.  Now, as memory serves, wasn't there a secretive meeting in Moscow between a North Korean Delegation and Putin late last year at the height of the penile comparison going on between the North Korean Leader and Donald Trump?  Why, yes indeedy, there was and here is a snippet from the report in the Daily Star. I will have more thoughts in comments to follow:

North Korea WAR threat as Kim’s men hold SECRET Putin meeting in Moscow

SENIOR North Korean diplomats have been spotted in Moscow for a secret meeting with Vladimir Putin’s advisors. 
published September 29, 2017
Pyongyang has waged a war of words with Donald Trump’s White House for months.
And as tensions appear to reach boiling point, the hermit kingdom has reached out to the Kremlin in a move that could raise eyebrows in Washington.
Oleg Burmistrov – one of Putin’s key advisors met the director-general of the hermit kingdom’s Moscow stronghold – Choe Son-hui – today.
The pair were spotted entering a meeting room in the Russian capital while Donald Trump responded to the devastation caused by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico.
The talks lasted for five hours and more Russian involvement in the crisis is bound to exaggerate war fears in the West – particularly after Putin’s troops were pictured building up on Kim’s borders this week.
Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharov confirmed that officials met but declined to provide any further details.
But despite President Trump ramping up the aggression in recent weeks, Washington responded to today’s meeting with apparent calm.
US State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert said the White House “can’t see that as a bad thing”.
“Diplomacy is our preferred approach,” she added.
“If Russia can be successful in getting North Korea to move in a better direction, we would certainly welcome that.”
greencrow concludes: Yes, the diplomatic masterstroke and its timing...right before the Olympic Games next month in South Korea has all the telltale earmarks of the geopolitical genius of our times.  The little Russian is [yet again] running circles around the lumbering behemoth Satanic warmongers...who are left wringing their claws in frustration.  What will their next moves be?  Well, we saw from the BBC report that they can always use the "delay due to bureaucracy" strategy...but the Olympics timetable require quick decision-making.

A timely false flag attack?  A politically expedient assassination of a leader--perhaps one of the "turncoats" in South Korea?  A distraction by a full scale military assault during the Olympics elsewhere else on the planet (Ukraine?)  Who knows?  Stay tuned for further developments in this fast moving story.