Thursday, January 19, 2017

Fake News in History #3 - Humanity has to stop drinking the "Fake News" Kool Aid

Jim Jones...the Jonestown Massacre
and the CIA Connection covered up
with a fanciful tale of cult religious fanaticism

This is the third and final post of a trilogy dedicated to President-elect Donald Trump on the occasion of his inauguration to the US presidency, which will hopefully take place tomorrow.  The subject, "Fake News in History" is appropriate given Trump's declaration of war on "Fake News" subsequent to the "Fake Dossier of Sexual Innuendo" the Deep State/CIA tried to take him down with just last week.

I submit a list of 10 Fake News Stories that have dominated the News headlines from my early 20's.  It's hard to believe now, but in my early 20's, I used to subscribe to TIME magazine, buy Newsweek at the corner at least two newspapers a day, and had a subscription to National Geographic.  I still have about 10 years of the Nat Geo in storage  I also enjoyed going to the movies and watching TV.  That all ended about two years after 9/11, when the reality of how Fake News permeates and falsifies our daily experience finally struck home.  Since then, I don't watch TV except for hockey and home reno shows...I don't read news magazines or newspapers...I don't go to movies or watch or read "fiction".  The lies of 9/11 killed all enjoyment of those activities for me.

Looking back over the past 6 decades with the benefit of 20/20 hindsight...I can see Fake News markers along my discovery that almost everything we are told by the engines of communication in Western culture is staged lies.  With the exception of the major fake news stories already covered in the previous parts of this trilogy some of the Fake News events I have been able to reflect on and re-examine with the Fake News blinkers no particular order are:

10.  The Warren Commission - this pathetic, unprofessional dime store novel is an insult to all Americans and the rule of law.  But, because nobody with the exception of Jim Garrison has ever read is still the "official story" of the JFK assassination.  Fake News was also used to cover up the assassinations of RFK and MLK, Paul Wellstone, Leo Ryan (see #4 below) and many other potential whistleblowers that the Deep State offed.  The main$tream media is a criminal accessory to murder and obstruction of justice.

9.  Historical revisionism concerning the causes and events of WWII, including some elements of the holocaust...or as I call it...the hollow co$t.  This now seminal WWII event did not actually become News until several years AFTER world war II.  The Germans are meticulous about records and there is no records of gas ovens or mass graves until several years after the war into the 1950's.  It reached a climax with the publishing of The Diary of Anne Frank which I read and accepted as fact.  This book has been the subject of some controversy in the recent past, including the Anne Frank museum saying that her father, Otto Frank, co-authored the book.  Not wanting to get into trouble, I am not going to detail the concerns with the Official Story but post this link to how the true story of WWII is being covered up, even to this day.

8.  Pandemics, such as AIDS, Ebola, Bird Flu, Nile Virus and the Zika Virus are regularly trotted out by the Center for Disease Control, CDC (which Robert F. Kennedy Jr. recently accused of being a massive fraud) and hyped in order to terrorize the public into avoiding targeted countries as tourists... or public events (such as world sports events) as well as to create a market for otherwise useless/dangerous (see #7 below) medicines and vaccines.

7.  Connected to the the whole issue of autism and vaccination.  The Fake News media sources work overtime concealing the catastrophic epidemic of autism which studies have traced back to tainted vaccines.  Even though elements within the scientific/medical community have ADMITTED the connection...the public is still not aware.  Why not?  Well the legal costs to "too big to fail" Big Pharma would bankrupt the economy.  And, of course...even worse....responsibility would be assigned and the perps wouldn't be able to commit the same crimes again.

6.  False Flags and False Flag hoaxes.  While historically always a geopolitical strategy to bring about a war or some sort of oppression...within the last few decades the perpetration of False Flags by the Deep State has reached a fever pitch.  It has reached the point where EVERY SINGLE EVENT is called  False Flag...before the authorities can even do a proper investigation.  Of course, terror, distraction and confusion are essential tools of the perps.  False Flags' overt purposes are to control and oppress vulnerable governments (STUXNET/Fukushima) but they are also used as drills to test the ability of the perps to control the masses with psychological terror....prior to some big event.  As I've said many of the primary purposes of false flags is to test the loyalty of the members of the main$tream stick to the Fake News. Truth tellers will be weeded out.  Another purpose of False Flags is to justify big budgets and draconian laws that enable the Deep State agencies.

5.  Blatant lies, and False Flags to bring about deposing foreign leaders to enable "Regime Change".  Lies, publicly told in prominent places such as the United Nations...about "Weapons of Mass Destruction" and "He gassed his own people"...on flimsy or no evidence provided by the Fake Newsmakers.  It is amazing how the Obama regime, as an example, told bald faced lies about President Bashar al Assad at the United Nations.  IMO, one of the secondary purposes is to defame the institutions of international law and democracy...such as the United Nations and even the Nobel Peace Prize.  The perps don't want humanity to have an ethical fig leaf or a legal straw to grasp when under oppression.  One of the roles of Fake News has been to wage a cultural "scorched earth" against fundamental human concepts of empathy, compassion, and civilization.

4.  "Drinking the Kool-Aid" - Secret Government Programs.  I wonder if younger readers even know the source of this common expression... which denotes gullibly swallowing pathological lies.  The expression goes back to the infamous Jonestown Massacre.  I have posted a video above which documents some of the known details of this mystery of how around 1,000 Americans came to die on one day in a Guyana jungle.  The story is very interesting and I invite readers to delve into the sordid episode for themselves.  Suffice it to say that the Official Story was that the 1,000 or so members of an American religious cult committed mass suicide by drinking purple Kool Aid.  This is what the West was told via the main$tream media and even today it is accepted as true.  Closer examination reveals the filthy and bloody paw prints of the CIA all over the mass deaths...with evidence that the cult members were actually human Guinea pigs brought to the jungle for secret biological experiments.  When a whistle blower congressman (Leo Ryan) was informed of the clandestine program...he visited the jungle camp.  The CIA (apparently with the help of a Brit military Swat Team) murdered the entire cult with fatal injections as they were lying on the ground.  The Congressman was shot as he attempted to leave Guyana by plane.  So the Kool-Aid, if it was drunk by the victims at all, was likely laced with a relaxant for the fatal injections.  Every time I hear or read the expression..."Don't drink the Kool Aid", I remember this massive cover-up of horrific criminality.  And it is only one of dozens of Satanic programs that the CIA has perpetrated over the years.

3Electoral Fraud and Propaganda.  Following the tumult of the past year's US election...this kind of Fake News is all still fresh in our minds.  Suffice it to say that Fake News drives each and every "democratic" election in the West.  Now, no holds are barred. In a recent escalation.. even after the winner has been declared...the Fake News assault continues.

2.  Global Financial Fraud, Bankster control of Western Economies, International Trade Deals ...When the perps can't completely cover up their crimes with "Fake News"...they hide it under "secret trade negotiations" and "Baffle 'em with Bullsh!t" financial pyramid schemes and shell games.  It is all so complex!  We need to depend on the "smarter than us" professional bankers and auditors and their financial journalists to sort it out.  As someone said recently...if there was such a thing as "Free Trade" we wouldn't need "Free Trade Agreements."  Amazing how they could pursue someone like Martha Stewart into a jail cell... but the short sellers on 9/11...we can't even identify who they were?!!!  Our Financial System...with its precariously unbacked dollar and always threatened economic collapse...couldn't exist without Fake News.

1.  The 9/11 Commission Report and subsequent media cover-up.  The Warren Commission and the 9/11 Commission Report are the two pulp fiction bookends to this diatribe on Fake News.  Why?  Because never before in human history have so many people been led by the nose by so few criminal perpetrators...who published their lies in a style so flimsy, so shot full of worm hole lies, gaps in evidence and insults to human intelligence.  15 years of war in the Middle East is based on a dime store novel that reads like a comic book with some pages torn out.  The ultimate in Fake News.

Summary and Conclusions:

Like the West's insatiable appetite for "fast food"....even though most of us know how harmful processed food is for our health, there is a ready market for "Fake News".  You could call it the "fast food" of human geopolitical communications.  Just as Hamburgers and French fries...or other tasty but harmful substances... like the sugary "Kool Aid" refreshment, Fake News is a quick hit/energizer of pleasurable stimulating sensation and feeling of satiety.  Fake News satisfies our need for the comfort of order....simplistically separating white hats (or helmets) from black hats...cause and effect..peace and mayhem. 

It's probably no coincidence that the rise of Fake News has coincided with the rise of Fast Food in our diets.  Here is an example of Fake News from this mornings Internet:

Russians told Trump to call
Clinton "Crooked Hillary"

Whew!  Thank Gawd we finally know where Trumps election campaign insult "Crooked Hillary" came from.  We knew the multi-billionaire, who's made his fortune manipulating and controlling human resources all his life, could NOT have possibly thought such a complex insult up on his own!  He MUST have had Putin's help.

In conclusion, just like Western society is slowly waking up, recognizing and weaning itself off of "fast food"....society must also wean itself off of Fake News.  We must demand the slower cooked formal investigations, open hearings and reports that follow tedious evidentiary and legal precedents. We must demand accountability and responsibility from those who have power and control over us such as politicians, bankers, doctors and "journalists".  Not only must we look at their conclusions...but we must spend an equal amount of time examining the process they went through to arrive at those conclusions...which in some cases can shape human destiny for generations and centuries to come.  Most of all, we must as a society accept the responsibility of actually reading their reports and legal decisions.  Ultimately, getting rid of Fake News...just like Fast up to all of us.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Fake News in History #2 - Climate Warming/Cooling/Change

Russian video about Climate Change

As promised yesterday, this is the second in a trilogy of posts about "Fake News in History".  The trilogy is in honour of the inauguration to the US Presidency of Donald Trump...which is hoped to take place this coming Friday.  Friday I will be following the inauguration live and will do some quick posting in "real time" should any events justify it.

Donald Trump has finally brought the concept of "Fake News" out of the shadows.  Fake News has, in recent history, been one of the most powerful and pervasive tools of the perps...the neocon, globalist cabal who have wreaked so much horror, death and destruction on our planet over the past several decades.  Early on in this "Deep State's" occupation of the halls of power of the US...following the coup of the JFK assassination and bolstered by the 9/11 coup...they consolidated their control of the main$tream media (which is owned by a handful of Western oligarchs) and used it to spread Fake News that justifies their resource and power well as their perpetual wars.

One of the areas that has been chock a block full of "Fake News" over the recent past has been the earth's climate.  There used to be an old saying: "Everybody talks about the weather...but nobody does anything about it."  Those days are long over.  Scientists have been using Tesla technology to alter the weather for several decades now.  If you don't believe in the power of micro waves...then I invite you to put a tin can of beans in a microwave oven and turn it up to "high" for a few moments.  That will certainly convince you!  Now take that simple and commonplace technology...move it to a remote place on the earth...say Alaska...and build an apparatus (HAARP) to intensify its power by a million-fold, focus and triangulate it with Satellite technology...and you will have the capability to move clouds around the order to create storms, droughts and floods.  Using this same technology, you will be able to pound and penetrate the earth's surface with powerful microwaves, causing earthquakes, volcanos and other tectonic phenomena.

In other words, you will be able to "weaponized" climate and geological events.  This is what the military industrial complex has been doing behind our backs.  In addition to using microwave technology to punish, bully and threaten countries around the globe...the same entities have developed geoengineering "chemtrail" technology.  This is where they use military planes to spread coal dust ("sold" to them by big corporations...who make a fortune selling their waste) into the atmosphere over nearly all the continents.  This coal dust is laced with Gawd-knows-what chemicals...including lithium.  I believe it is also laced with help the pharmaceutical companies with their "seasonal" cold remedies financial windfalls.  Creating fake "chemtrail" clouds also works in tandem with HAARP technologies in creating/affecting weather systems throughout the world. 

So, while "climate change" is unfortunately a reality..."carbon based global warming/cooling" probably is not.  I do not believe the extreme weather patterns experienced over the past several decades are a product of CO2 specifically....but are the product of a lot of f*cking around with the planet via HAARP (Tesla) technologies and geoengineering chemtrail technology.  All of this technology must cost a pretty penny.  How to force the public to pay for their own destruction/weather terror?  Well, just like the coal mining corporations sell their coal dust waste product to the military (paid for by tax payers) and other mining corporations sell their fluoride waste product to government to put into drinking water...there has to be a public trough for the perp pigs to get their greedy snouts into.  This is where the main$tream media gets involved.  They plaster their rags (newspapers) with hyped-up Fake News stories about "climate change" and "carbon emissions" and push the necessity for countries to pay a "carbon tax". 

Here is an example from this mornings'  BBC:

Temperature data for 2016 shows it is likely to have edged ahead of 2015 as the world's warmest year. Data from Nasa and the UK Met Office shows temperatures were about 0.07 degrees Celsius above the 2015 mark. 
Although the Met Office increase was within the margin of error, Nasa says that 2016 was the third year in a row to break the record.  The El Niño weather phenomenon played a role, say scientists, but the main factor was human emissions of CO2.

The alternative news is gamely trying to inform the public about the truth behind the "Fake News" such as this:

Climate-change-fight cost: $100,000,000,000,000

'To reduce temperature by a grand total of 3/10 of 1 degree'

I can remember when the terms "el Nino" and "el Nina" suddenly became buzzwords in the English lexicon...thanks to a main$tream media campaign.  Now, we don't know whether the el Nino is coming or's total confusion...and confusion is what they're aiming for.  "Baffle 'em with bullsh!t is the rule of thumb in weather-related "Fake News".

Climate change has become a pseudo-scientific cottage industry and a money-maker for its perpetrators.  Alarm is being sounded about the Arctic and the Antarctic ice caps melting...of course nobody can go down and check so they can say the ice is turning red...and some folks will believe it. The cardinal rule of Fake News is that it's based on the premise that almost nobody reads more than the headline.  Thus, they can say things like the ability of humans to survive has been put at risk due to climate change...droughts obstensibly caused by "global warming".  Like I say, the two separate concepts...CO2 caused global warming...and the ongoing "weaponization" of the weather via Tesla technology have been hopelessly conflated--and confusion reigns supreme.  Meanwhile, I'm trying to think back to the last time I saw a natural (not chemtrail) cloud in the sky.  Decades, perhaps.  All I know is that Canada better pay it's carbon tax...or they might "shut off" the good weather.  You know what I mean.

Canada is certainly trying to do its part.  Here in Vancouver, we recently hired a "well known environmentalist" to guide our green policy.

Kevin Shipp, former CIA Whistleblower
Speaks Out About Climate Engineering, Vaccination Dangers, and 911

But, if you really want to know what's going on behind the extreme weather and "climate change" you won't find it in the main$tream media...the purveyors of Fake News.  You will find it in Internet videos posted by whistleblowers like Kevin Shipp shown above.  Kevin Shipp, along with Donald Trump...are foot soldiers in the fight against "Fake News".  The battle is now joined....and may the "good guys" win!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Fake News in History #1 -- We went to the mooooooooon in 1969

Fake News:  Historical Examples reconsidered

Say what you want about US President-elect Donald Trump...but he has already made history. In calling out the main$tream media on their compulsive, pathological and criminal habit of publishing "Fake News" and calling it fact.  Trump has broken the mold and created what is hopefully the first of many changes long needed in Western society.  Bravo to Trump!  In honour of his ascension to the presidency this coming Friday and in honour of his first steps towards killing "Fake News", I am going to post a three day trilogy of historical "fake news" examples in history.  These are examples that are still being pandered to the public as "fact", but which most of the truthers in the blogosphere regard as noxious lies, contaminating public discourse and corrupting young minds.

The first example of Fake News is the 1969 and beyond US "lunar missions".  This was brought to my mind yesterday with the news of the death of the "last person to walk on the lunar surface" Eugene Cernan.  You know...if Eugene and his fello "astronauts" had really travelled to the moon...they would have followed up that feat with high profile careers, in public service, science, education or the media.  Instead, they all went virtually underground.  Why?  Because they got tired of being chased through public airports by lunar skeptics shouting uncomfortable questions.  So they all decided that the best thing was for them to lie low.  The only exception to this rule would apparently be Alan Bean, who, as you can see in the artwork above, carved out a career for himself painting renditions of what the hoax lunar movie set looked like back in the 60's and 70's.

There is still some dissention, even amongst truth bloggers, whether the lunar landings were a hoax.  But every year there is less and less argument about the science proceeds in its inimitable and uncontrollable way to debunk the notion that man had solved the insoluable problems of missions to the moon back in the analogue 60's and 70's...where the NASA (Never A Straight Answer) agency watched the missions on their black and white TV's with their big hulking "computer" in the background...which did not have the power of today's GPS or even a personal wrist "fitbit".  lolololol.  Nixon spoke in real time to the astronauts orbiting around the moon...on a big honking black telephone. Hellooooooo.

Then there was all the lunar rocks they collected...and passed out to friendly vassal states...until some countries decided to examine the rocks more closely, only to discover they were actually earthly rocks.  Suddenly, all the rocks at the Smithsonian disappeared, ditto the original lunar landing movie reels, etc., etc.  But, sadly, folks like Mike Rivero of still believe the lunar landings occurred and he bans any bloggers who disagree from having their posts put up on his blog.  I forgive these folks, because it's very hard to have any dream die...much less a dream that was and is so much a part of your collective self-image as a nation.  But, seriously, is time to move on...and "out" this increasingly embarrassing and humiliating hoax as anything other than "Fake News"

Time is catching up with the lunar landing believers...and, like the flat earthers...they are going to look even more foolish the longer they cling to the dream. It's like a forty-something still believing in Santa Claus.  Here's some evidence now coming down the pike about the realities of space travel.

Progress spaceship to ISS destroyed, most pieces burned up in atmosphere – Roscosmos

The Russian Space Agency reported that it has lost its Progress cargo spaceship following the disruption of the data signal. The cargo vehicle was to deliver 2.6 tons of supplies to the International Space Station (ISS). The Progress M-04 cargo spacecraft was lost at a height of 190km (more than 623,000ft) over a remote mountainous area of the Russian Republic of Tyva, Roscosmos said in a statement on its website.

Most of the debris burnt up in the Earth’s dense atmosphere layers, the statement adds. A state commission is carrying out an investigation into what caused the incident. “After the launch of the Soyuz-U launch vehicle along with the Progress MS-04 cargo spacecraft, telemetry connection was lost on the 383th second of flight,” Roscosmos said in a statement.  The data received from the spacecraft is not enough to say clearly what went wrong with the Progress MS-04 during the separation of the rocket’s third stage, NASA also said.

The navigation equipment of Progress did open, but there is no information whether its solar batteries are functioning properly, the US space agency added.

The above news story highlights the difficulties of space travel.  I have bolded the phrases which call to mind issues the lunar missions would have encountered--one hundred fold. And keep in mind this was only a flight to re-supply the ISS the International Space Station...of which most of the technology is Russian...not American.  I keep reminding my readers that the United States is no longer capable of manufacturing their own rockets to even keep their satellites in space...and won't have this capability (again?) for several years.  IN THE MEANTIME, THE US IS PURCHASING RUSSIAN ROCKETS TO BLAST CARGOES INTO SPACE.  And even the Russians are having problems maintaining and improving on the technology of space travel.  It is time for NASA to either put up (reveal what wondrous technology allowed the lunar craft the raw energy to reach the moon) or shut the F*ck Up.  Instead, the US government is gradually winding NASA down...and will no doubt destroy all their fake documents from the lunar missions.

Will there be some conclusive proof that man did/didn't go to the moon any time soon?  Well, amazingly, there might well be.  According to some news sources (not main$tream, of course) Russia is planning to hone some of its high resolution Satellite cameras on the lunar surface...right where the Apollo Space ships were supposed to have landed.  According to legend/myth...the Americans left a lot of equipment around which should be visible to these cameras.  Let's be frank.  The Rooskies have given the Americans a pass on the entire hoax. Why is a mystery almost as big as the lunar landings themselves. Russia shut down its own lunar program years before the Americans supposedly went to the moon...concluding it was just not feasible, given the thousands of tons of rocket fuel needed for such a long voyage....and the dangers of traversing the Van Allen Radiation belts...two challenges that have not been overcome...even to this day.

So, in honour of Trump's upcoming inauguration and his declaration of war on "Fake News"...I have made the fake news lunar landings the first episode of a trilogy on the death of historical "Fake News" in the hopes that the perps will not be so reckless as to plan any more in the near future. Stay tuned for the next instalment tomorrow.  We've all had enough of Fake News.  It's holding us back as a species.   Let's read fake news reports like the one linked here...have a good laff and then all agree to RIP Fake News in the new Trump Era.

Monday, January 16, 2017

The Spy Who Came in From the Heat up the Threats against Trump

John Brennan said on Fox News Sunday that
Donald Trump's 'talking and tweeting'
is not in the nation's interest
and the president-elect lacks
a full understanding
of the threat Russia poses

Leaker of Fake News?

Checking the headlines and news this morning made the hairs stand up on the back of my neck.  For a truth blogger...that's a clear indication of posting material.  The heated exchange between President-elect Donald Trump and outgoing Head of the CIA, John Brennan is absolutely extraordinary and unheard of in politics.  To have a head of the CIA lecturing the incoming President smacks of insubordination.  In bureaucratic terms...this is cause for instant dismissal.  But since Brennan's best before date expires on Friday...Trump can't very well fire him...although he should!

Trump's impulsivity could be dangerous, Brennan suggested.

'Spontaneity is not something that protects national security interests,' Brennan said, saying twice that the matter is 'more than being about him.' 'I think Mr. Trump has to understand that absolving Russia of various actions it has taken in the past number of years is a road that he needs to be very, very careful about moving down.' There are costs to casting doubts on the credibility of the national intelligence community, Brennan added.
'The world is watching now what Trump says and listening very carefully. If he doesn't have confidence in the intelligence community, what signal does that send to our partners and allies as well as our adversaries?' Brennan said.  'It's more than just about Mr. Trump,' he said

Tensions were heightened further by the ambience of the interview...the Brennan Interview set was dark, full of shadows and looked like Brando's office in the movie "The Godfather" where hitmen were assigned to contracts.

Trump was absolutely right to go on Twitter and put the "lecture" into the context of the catastrophic mistakes made  by the CIA in US foreign policy over the past eight years (at least).  Syria...Libya...Crimea...Yemen ....reinstating the nuclear arms race.  It is astounding that Brennan can even open his mouth, considering the historical track record of the CIA.  But, as I've said over and over on this blog...the strategic feature of the US "intelligence services" is their flea-like memory.  As soon as they've crapped all over a country...bombed it into the dark ages (as they like to say)'s like it never happened.  Completely forgotten...move on...nothing to see here.  This is because to remember is to accept responsibility...and to accept responsibility is to limit committing similar war crimes in the future....and this is a limitation on power they can never accept.  This planet is their tinker toy and Trump better never forget it.  Or, he will be Kennedyized.

It is important to note that Donald Trump could not have been elected president without the support of some powerful US Political and military insiders.  There is a faction, with at least the power of the CIA...that is supportive of Trump...and opposed to the finagling of the CIA...and their conflict is what I call the ongoing US covert Civil War.

CIA speaks out against Donald Trump

A "former CIA member" (remember...there's no such thing) by the name of Glenn Carle also went on PTV and warned Trump.  Ironically, or not, this spy was speaking to PressTV from Boston...the home of John F. Kennedy.  A veiled threat?  As I said in a previous post...what's going on is exactly what went on prior to Kennedy's assassination in November of 1963.  The difference is now, with the benefit of hindsight...we can recognize the threats and the implications of the words being spoken by the CIA.  More importantly, the target (Trump) is aware of the danger and is not like the naïve Kennedy...riding in an open limosine...sans his doom.  Instead, Trump is fighting back...with words and hopefully, behind the scenes...with actions.  The "intelligence community" is absolutely shocked and flabbergasted at Trump's Twitter responses...nobody has ever fought back before.  What to DOOOOOOOO? 

Can you imagine the crap that Kennedy found out about the CIA after he became president?  All their disgusting and immoral programs, Operations Northwoods...Paperclip, Mockingbird, and MKultra?  And these are only the ones WE know about.  There are probably dozens of others that are so beyond the pale that even now they are redacted from the public record.  I have always thought that Marilyn Monroe, a victim of the Monarch program, was probably telling Kennedy and Robert about it and that's why she was offed...not for having an affair with them.  It's probably these still highly confidential programs that are making the spooks crap in their pants over the coming Trump presidency.  Wait till he gets wind of them.  Things like this little stinker that bubbled to the surface just last week in Canada.

Chrystia Freeland dressed in Red
in Front, seated beside Justin Trudeau

Pro Russian journalist John Helmer has come out with an excellent piece on the recent appointment of neophyte ethnic Ukrainian Canadian MP Chrystia Freeland to the prominent position of Canadian Minister for Foreign Affairs...displacing the long term parliamentarian and former leader of the Liberal Party, Stephan Dion.  Dion was so shocked at being replaced only one year after his appointment that he quit politics entirely.

As I speculated in an earlier post, this appointment smacks of outside (CIA) interference in Canadian political affairs.  John Helmer says that the appointment was probably long planned...with the anticipation of Hillary Clinton becoming President.  Clinton and Freeland hold similar views on Russia and, in particular, the Crimea annexation (after a referendum during which the ethnic Russian Crimeans voted over 90% to rejoin Russia).  It was likely hoped that Clinton would be able to use Freeland to embarrass and bully Putin.  Helmer wisely speculates that Trudeau, not being the sharpest knife in the drawer...probably didn't think up the idea himself.

Officially, the Russian reaction to Freeland’s appointment as foreign minister has been as non-committal as possible. “We don’t know,” said the ministry spokesman Maria Zakharova on December 12, “what the [Canadian] priorities will be. I think that it is necessary to be guided by specific acts and the specific program which, probably, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Canada will build. After that, we will comment and, perhaps, take some actions.” Responding to the fact that the Russian Government announced counter-sanctions against Canada, including a travel ban on Freeland in 2014, Zakharova said: “I would like to remind everyone that in spite of the fact that many headlines say ‘the Foreign Minister of Canada is included in the Russian sanctions lists’, the situation is a little not so. [Freeland’s name] was not placed on the sanctions lists as the Foreign Minister of Canada; she was included in the lists in 2014 as a response measure of the Russian side. First came the sanctions lists accepted [from the US] by Canada concerning Russian citizens, including Russian officials. Respectively, the Russian list was retaliation for this action of Canada’s. I think that for the answer to when and under what circumstances people [like Freeland] can be removed from this list, it is necessary to look at the rule of reciprocity.”

For the current lists of Canadian sanctions against Russia, click to open.

Freeland reacted swiftly, announcing on the government television network CBC, “we wouldn’t look at lifting sanctions. The sanctions were imposed by the previous government but with strong support from us in opposition in response to very clear violations of international law by Russia with the invasion and annexation of Crimea and for a war against Ukraine in the Donbass.”

So, IMO, Canada's CIA plant in the Canadian Federal Cabinet is but one of the cow paddy's facing Donald Trump after his hoped for inauguration this coming Friday.  There are no doubt hundreds of  other steaming messes all over the globe.  This is why the unprecedented and shocking heat coming from the CIA has been turned up on Trump.  Not having personally (s)elected him, the Deep State CIA perps simply can't trust him with all their crimes and corruption past, present and yet to come. 

Trump, however, is a foe like no other....not only does he have the independence of Kennedy...but he has the benefit of historical hindsight into what he's up against.  We're been set up for a titanic I have said for over a year now...a civil war (I was one of the first to blog about it) like no other.  A battle to the death...of either the CIA as it is presently structured...or Trump.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Are the Spooks still snitching to their controlled spite of Trump's Press Conference warning?

President-elect of the United States
Donald Trump

In spite of the supposedly embarrassing and humiliating "outing" and warning delivered to the CIA and so-called "Intelligence Community" by President-elect Donald Trump during his Wednesday morning press conference, it appears that the spooks are still unprofessionally snitching to their controlled collusionary main$tream media.  During his press conference, Donald Trump related how he did a test to see if it was one of his own team who leaked details to the press after each meeting he had with the "intelligence community".  He said after one recent meeting, he told no one, not even his trusted personal secretary.  Still, the media got wind of the meeting and the substance thereof.  Anyone with any degree of "intelligence" would take this as a warning to the CIA/FBI etc., NOT to snitch to the press. appears they're still doing it.

Witness this report in this morning's news from the Associated Press.  Please read the report below and I will have more thoughts and comments to follow:

by Julie Pace, The Associated Press
Posted Jan 13, 2017 7:41 am PST

Last Updated Jan 13, 2017 at 8:21 am PST

WASHINGTON – A senior U.S. official says the Obama administration is aware of frequent contacts between President-elect Donald Trump’s top national security adviser and Russia’s ambassador to the United States.
The official says the contacts happened on the day President Barack Obama expelled dozens of Russian officials from the U.S. and imposed sanctions as punishment for election-related hacking. The official says the administration is also aware of contacts between Trump adviser Michael Flynn and Ambassador Sergey Kislyak at other times as well.
The day after Obama announced sanctions, Russian President Vladimir Putin said he would not retaliate. Trump praised him for his restraint.

Flynn’s conversations were first reported by Washington Post columnist David Ignatius. The official was not authorized to confirm the contacts publicly and spoke on condition of anonymity.

Now, who would this "senior US official" be who has the ability to surveil communications between the Trump organization and the Russian Ambassador to the US?  Must be able to listen in to phone conversations, right?  Or, did Mr Flynn and Mr. Kislyak meet on a park bench somewhere....and the snitch was hiding behind a tree?

There are a couple of concerns here.  First, is the Associated Press printing this story because it is a bad thing for the Trump organization and the Russians to communicate at all?  Particularly when both are being besieged by false stories and "fake news", which could affect the future of the world... should there be a mis-communication between them?  I think not.  In fact, it is a relief that "cooler heads" are prevailing during these very dangerous "dying days"  of the bloody Perp Régime.  The implication of the above report is there is some "collusion" between Trump and Russia.  Well, Trump has never hid his agenda to reduce points of conflict between the US and Russia...AND THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES STILL VOTED HIM PRESIDENT!!!  The spooks and the media can't seem to get that simple fact into their heads.

The second concern is that the "intelligence community" surveilling and snooping on Trump is signaling to the public that they do not consider him their president.  This is the most serious concern.  They consider him illegitimate and an enemy.  What does that bode for the future?  Even if he lives to be inaugurated, can Trump cleanse the Augean Stables of the "intelligence community" fast enough to save his life and to prevent WWIII?

US President-elect Donald Trump's incoming national security adviser Michael Flynn took a call from the Russian ambassador last month, and discussed setting up a call between Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin after Trump's inauguration on Jan. 20, a Trump spokesman said on Friday. The Dec. 28 call followed text message exchanges initiated by Flynn on Christmas Day, in which he wished the ambassador a merry Christmas and said he looked forward to "touching base with you and working with you," Trump spokesman Sean Spicer told reporters. (Reuters) 

Thursday, January 12, 2017

CIA NeoCons pulling out all stops against Trump Presidency - including using Canada?

Video of entire President-Elect Trump
Press Conference in New York

In the last days leading up to the Trump inauguration, the CIA/DEEP STATE has led Washington and Trump on a reckless rollercoaster ride from one media-fueled crisis to another...each one more fantabulous and desperate than the last.  Some even doubt whether the inauguration will be allowed to take place at all.

Yesterday's press conference by Trump (see video of entire press conference above.  This is a "must watch") was a masterful performance by Trump in debunking their latest attempt to nullify his electoral victory and deny him the presidency.  You know, one of my criticisms of Trump in the early days of the election campaign was that he always "takes the bait".  He never allows any scandal to unfold or criticism to be made of him without a response.  He never chooses to "stay above the fray" but always gets down and dirty with his detractors....even Meryl we saw recently.  I saw this "Twitter" approach as "unpresidential".  Now, I believe I was wrong and Trump was right.

This is how he survived the early attacks and why he is now President-elect.  He nips their attacks and lies in the bud and thus preserves his populous base.  His lightning fast response to the attack of yesterday involving disgusting sexual innuendo was particularly brilliant.  He exposed his enemies as "sick" perverts who wrote and published "fake garbage".  Now if the Kennedy's had only responded similarly to attacks on their private lives (but of course the cowardly attacks were made posthumously) the public wouldn't believe all the lies that have been told about JFK and RFK. But it shows the way the perps operate and how they always attack a person's sexuality.  One can only hope that the revelations about their methodology, exposed in yesterdays fiasco will cause some to re-evaluate all the similar attacks that have been made against enemies of the Neocon Deep State over the years...including the Kennedys.

But, in spite of Trump's battle victory of yesterday...the war is definitely not over.  Here is The Saker's evaluation of the now openly declared war against President-elect Donald Trump.  Please read the analysis below and I will have more thoughts in comments to follow:

From The Saker

"The NeoCons Declaration of War Against Trump"

January 11, 2017

After several rather lame false starts, the Neocons have now taken a step which can only be called a declaration of war against Donald Trump.
It all began with CNN published an article entitled “Intel chiefs presented Trump with claims of Russian efforts to compromise him” which claimed that:
Classified documents presented last week to President Obama and President-elect Trump included allegations that Russian operatives claim to have compromising personal and financial information about Mr. Trump, multiple US officials with direct knowledge of the briefings tell CNN.  The allegations were presented in a two-page synopsis that was appended to a report on Russian interference in the 2016 election. The allegations came, in part, from memos compiled by a former British intelligence operative, whose past work US intelligence officials consider credible (…) The two-page synopsis also included allegations that there was a continuing exchange of information during the campaign between Trump surrogates and intermediaries for the Russian government, according to two national security officials.
The website Buzzfeed then published the full document.  Here it is in full.

When I first read the document my intention was to debunk it sentence by sentence.  However, I don’t have the time for that and, frankly, there is no need for it.  I will just provide you here with enough simple straightforward evidence that this is a fake.  Here are just a few elements of proof:
  1. The document has no letterhead, no identification, no date, no nothing.  For many good technical and even legal reasons, sensitive intelligence documents are created with plenty of tracking and identification information.  For example, such a document would typically have a reference to the unit which produced it or an number-letter combination indicating the reliability of the source and of the information it contains.
  2. The classification CONFIDENTIAL/SENSITIVE SOURCE is a joke.  If this was a true document its level of classification would be much, much higher than “confidential” and since most intelligence documents come from sensitive sources there is no need to specify that.
  3. The allegation that “The dossier is controlled by Kremlin spokesman, PESKOV, directly on PUTIN’S orders” is beyond laughable.  Clearly the author of this fake has no idea how the Russian intelligence and security services work (hint: the Presidential spokesman has no involvement in that whatsoever)
  4. On page 2 there is this other hilarious sentence “exploit TRUMP’s personal obsession and sexual perversion in order to obtain suitable ‘kompromat’ (compromising material) on him.”  Nobody in a real intelligence document would bother to clarify what the word “kompromat” means since both in Russian and in English it is obviously the combination of the words “compromising” and “materials”.  Any western intelligence officer, even a very junior one, would know that word, if only because of the many Cold War era espionage books written about the KGB entrapment techniques.
  5. The document speaks of “source A”, “source B” and further down the alphabet.  Now ask yourself a simple question: what happens after “source Z” is used?  Can any intelligence agency work with a potential pool of sources limited to 26?  Obviously, this is not how intelligence agencies classify their sources.
I will stop here and submit that there is ample evidence that this is a crude fake produced by amateurs who have no idea of what they are talking about.
This does not make this document any less dangerous, however.
First, and this is the really crucial part, there is more than enough here to impeach Trump on numerous grounds both political and legal.  Let me repeat again – this is an attempt at removing Donald Trump from the White House.  This is a political coup d’etat.
Second, this documents smears everybody involved: Trump himself, of course, but also the evil Russians and their ugly Machiavellian techniques.  Trump is thereby “confirmed” as a sexual pervert who likes to hire prostitutes to urinate on him.  As for the Russians, they are basically accused of trying to recruit the President of the United States as an agent of their security services.  That would make Trump a traitor, by the way.
Third, within one short week we went from allegations of “Russian hacking” to “having a traitor sitting in the White House”.  We can only expect a further Tsunami of such allegations to continue and get worse and worse every day.  It is interesting that Buzzfeed has already preempted the accusation of this being a smear and demonization campaign against Trump by writing that “Now BuzzFeed News is publishing the full document so that Americans can make up their own minds about allegations about the president-elect that have circulated at the highest levels of the US government.” as if most Americans had the expertise to immediately detect that this document is a crude forgery!
Fourth, unless all the officials who briefed Trump come out and deny that this fake was part of their briefing with Trump, it will appear that this document has the official imprimatur of the senior US intelligence officials and that would give them a legal, probatory, authority.  This de-facto means that the “experts” have evaluated that document and have certified it as “credible” even before any legal proceedings in court or, worse, in Congress.  I sure hope that Trump had the foresight to audio and video record his meeting with the intelligence chiefs and that he is now able to threaten them with legal action if they now act in a way contradicting their behavior before him.
Fifth, the fact that CNN got involved in all this is a critical factor.  Some of us, including yours truly, were shocked and disgusted when the WaPo posted a list of 200 websites denounced as “fake news” and “Russian propaganda”, but what CNN did by posting this article is infinitely worse: it is a direct smear and political attack on the President Elect on a worldwide level (the BBC and others are already posting the same crap).  This again confirms to be that the gloves are off and that the Ziomedia is in full state of war against Donald Trump.
All of the above further confirms to me what I have been saying over the past weeks: if Trump ever makes it into the White House (I write ‘if’ because I think that the Neocons are perfectly capable of assassinating him), his first priority should be to ruthlessly crack down as hard as he legally can against those in the US “deep state” (which very much includes the media) who have now declared war on him.  I am sorry to say that, but it will be either him or them – one of the parties here will be crushed.
[Sidebar: to those who wonder what I mean by “crackdown” I will summarize here what I wrote elsewhere: the best way to do that is to nominate a hyper-loyal and determined FBI director and instruct him to go after all the enemies of Trump by investigating them on charge of corruption, abuse of power, conspiracy, obstruction of justice, and all the other types of behavior which have gone on forever in Congress, the intelligence community, the banking world and the media.  Deal with the Neocons like Putin did with the Russian oligarchs or how the USA dealt with Al Capone – get them on tax evasion.  There is no need to open Gulags or shoot people when you can get them all on what is their normal daily behavior :-)]
I sincerely hope that I am wrong, and I admit that I might be, but I don’t have the gut feeling that Trump has what it takes to hit hard enough at those who are using any and every ugly method imaginable to prevent him from ever making it into the White House or to have him impeached if he tries to deliver on his campaign promises.  I cannot blame him for that either: the enemy has infiltrated all the level of power in the US polity and there are strong sign that they are even represented in Trump’s immediate entourage.  Putin could do what he did because he was an iron-willed and highly trained intelligence officer.  Trump is just a businessman whose best “training” to deal with such people would probably be his exposure to the mob in New York.  Will that be enough to allow him to prevail against the Neocons?  I doubt it, but I sure hope so.
As I predicted it before the election, the USA are about to enter the worst crisis in their history.  We are entering extraordinarily dangerous times.  If the danger of a thermonuclear war between Russia and the USA had dramatically receded with the election of Trump, the Neocon total war on Trump put the United States at very grave risk, including civil war (should the Neocon controlled Congress impeach Trump I believe that uprisings will spontaneously happen, especially in the South, and especially in Florida and Texas).  At the risk of sounding over the top, I will say that what is happening now is putting the very existence of the United States in danger almost regardless of what Trump will personally do.  Whatever we may think of Trump as a person and about his potential as a President, what is certain is that millions of American patriots have voted for him to “clear the swamp”, give the boot to the Washington-based plutocracy and restore what they see as fundamental American values.  If the Neocons now manage to stage a coup d’etat against Trump, I predict that these millions of American will turn to violence to protect what they see as their way of life, their values and their country.  In spite of the image which Hollywood likes to give of them, most Americans are peaceful and non-violent people, but if they are pushed too far they will not hesitate and grab their guns to defend themselves, especially if they lose all hopes in their democracy.  And I am not talking only about gun-toting hillbillies here, I am talking about the local, state and county authorities, who often care much more about what their local constituents think and say than what the are up to in DC.  If a coup is staged against Trump and some wannabe President à la Hillary or McCain gives the order to the National Guard or even the US Army to put down a local insurrection, we could see what we saw in Russia in 1991: a categorical refusal of the security services to shoot at their own people.  That is the biggest and ultimate danger for the Neocons: the risk that if they give the order to crack down on the population the police, security and military services might simply refuse to take action.  If that could happen in the “KGB-controlled country” (to use a Cold War cliché) this can also happen in the USA.
I sure hope that I am wrong and that this latest attack against Trump is the Neocon’s last “hurray” before they finally give up and leave.  I hope that all of the above is my paranoia speaking.  But, as they say, “just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean that they are not after you“.
So please tell me I am wrong!

The Saker"


UPDATE:  Ex M16 writer of blackmail fake intelligence is now in hiding

Not surprisingly...for those of us familiar with the pecking order of the Neocon Globalists...the latest assault on Trump had it's roots in the UK...(Home of the Bankster Illuminati).  Here is an update from the BBC (Voice of Satan) on how the "writer" of the blackmail document has now conveniently gone into hiding. favourite line in yesterday's press conference was when a BBC reporter asked Trump a question and he paused for a half second and then muttered "The BBC...that's another beauty."  Indeed.

Another UK press outlet has connected the dots between the writer of the blackmail document and the other previous attack on Putin (because the attack on Trump was also an attack on Putin).  Apparently he worked with spy Litvinenko...who's death by radiation poisoning has been falsely blamed on Putin.

Blogger Wayne Madsen has come up with a comprehensive analysis of the blackmail document and its black background.  He says it is very "amateurish" and a "hybrid" between US and Brit secret service writing styles.  So the perps are international in we didn't know that already.

But further in support of the international reach of the Neocon tentacles...we have what I perceive to be a "Canadian connection" or "front" in the organized, concerted effort to bring down wit:


My favourite Canadian politician (NOT), Justin Trudeau, has been getting a mild amount of media flack in the Canadian press for going to the Bahamian holiday home of the Aga Khan over Christmas.  The controversy is that he was accompanied by several lobbyist friends.  My concern is that le Daupin was ordered to the Bahamas to get his marching orders and was probably pressured/blackmailed himself....why else would he willingly expose himself to the risk of such politically fatal charges of conflict of interest/bribery, collusion, etc.?

Immediately (and coincydynkally) upon his return from his paid-for Bahamian vacation...Trudeau shook up his cabinet.  As I discussed at length in a previous post, in what might well be the worst cabinet appointment in Canadian history...he gave the prestigious Foreign Affairs portfolio to a relative unknown neophyte MP...Christya Freeland.  Although I didn't know the woman from Adam prior to moments after the appointment....she has a long history as a pro-Nazi Ukrainian supporter of the Kiev coup.  She has connections with "cookies" Victoria Nuland...the regime changer.  Freeland spent years in Russia (as an asset/spy?) and is a vociferous anti-Putin activist.  In 2014, in retaliation for the Harper government putting sanctions on Russia, banning some Russians from entering Canada...Russia had banned 13 Canadians from travelling to Russia...including Freeland.  Well, I am just angry enough about this stupid and insulting appointment...directly contrary to what Trudeau promised during his election campaign.  He had promised to build international bridges...not burn Harper had been doing for years.... that I am going to suggest that Trudeau could have been ordered/blackmailed to make the Freeland appointment as a way of opening yet another front in the war on Putin and Trump.  I am going to suggest that inquiring minds should investigate Freeland for CIA gonnections--and even Trudeau.. because.this appointment is so catastrophic for Canada.

Previous to the Freeland appointment...I thought that Trudeau was just a naïve dufus...genetically compromised by his maternal DNA... who generally meant well.  No longer.  Now I see him as a CIA mole in Canada.  A dangerous, fraudulent puppet of the CIA.  So, now he's hurriedly trying to make amends and protect his rapidly diminishing political base by travelling the country.  Sorry Justin, your mask has slipped.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

RFK Jr and President-Elect Donald Trump Share Skepticism about Vaccines. Why?

RFK Jr. to head Inquiry into Vaccines/Autism Connection

First of all...
it's wonderful to have a photo of a Kennedy male featuring in the news again...see the photo of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. above.  Note the heavily lidded eyes reminiscent of his father and uncle.  He is the picture of what they might have looked like in their older years...something we were all denied when the CIA had them killed when they were middle aged.  John F. Kennedy Jr. was also murdered by the CIA/Deep State and we will never know HIS potential.  The Kennedy's could claim they experienced a familial holocaust and it would be a statement of fact.  So, it's nice to see a survivor being selected by President-elect Donald Trump to play a public role in the new presidency.  Of course there will be a lot of gnashing of teeth by the slimeballs in their underground bunkers over this appointment.  The name "Kennedy" uttered publicly is like waving garlic in front of vampires.

The role that RFK Jr. has been asked to play is a natural one for him.  Anyone who has been following the autism debate knows his signature role in the early days...bringing the subject out of the closet it had been firmly shoved into by the main$tream media and their CIA handlers. I always wondered whether RFK Jr. was moved to speak out due to that dreaded happenstance...having "anecdotal evidence" (personal experience) of the issue.  Within the large Kennedy extended family there were, no doubt, victims of the autism/vaccination epidemic...just as there are in my own I have written about on this blog in the past.  Just like the words "conspiracy theorist"...the words "anecdotal evidence" has been denigrated by the CIA/Deep State and is no longer considered to be "scientific" evidence by our culture.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has been selected by President-elect Trump to become the Chairman of the Golden Vaccine Safety Task Force, but is hated and reviled by the US propaganda media establishment after his publishing a manifesto titled MERCURY & VACCINES linking childhood vaccines with autism.

President-elect Trump’s views on the linkage of childhood vaccines to autism have long been known, expressed on several occasions such as when he stated to CNN during a May, 2016 interview:

“Autism has become an epidemic… Because you take a baby in, and I’ve seen it, and I’ve seen it, and I had my children taken care of, over a long period of time, over a two or three year period of time, same exact amount, but you take this little beautiful baby, and you pump – I mean, it looks just like it’s meant for a horse, not for a child, and we’ve had so many instances, people that work for me, just the other day, two-years-old, two-and-a-half-years-old, a child, a beautiful child went to have the vaccine, and came back, and a week later got a tremendous fever, got very, very sick, now is autistic. …I’m in favor of vaccines [but] do them over a longer period of time, same amount, but just in little sections. I think you’re going to have – I think you’re going to see a big impact on autism."

Further to note, are the many (and growing) rumors that President-elect Trump made his decision to run for president due to his youngest child, Barron, having been diagnosed with autism immediately after receiving a childhood vaccine shot, and that his wife, Melania, has vowed to file lawsuits against anyone making such a claim.  I watched Trump's sons' demeanor on stage following his father's victory on election night last November and did note some possible visual symptoms of Aspergers...a mild but pervasive form of autism.  Of course, this is more "anecdotal evidence" on my part [based on my former career as a social worker caring for children with disabilities]....and not to be taken seriously...ahem.

Here is what the BBC (Voice of Satan) says about the Kennedy appointment.  I would call the report below a "lollapolusa of lies".  Count the lies in the following excerpt and I will have more comments and analysis to follow:

Robert F Kennedy Jr, a leading voice in the anti-vaccine movement, says President-elect Donald Trump has asked him to chair a study on vaccine safety. Incoming White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer confirmed the pair met to discuss vaccines and immunisations.  The eldest son of liberal icon Senator Robert Kennedy has long contended that some vaccines may cause autism, a claim that has been widely debunked.

The president-elect has also expressed doubt about vaccinations. Mr Trump has previously tweeted about the issue, advocating for children to receive smaller doses of vaccines over a long period of time. 

"I am totally in favour of vaccines," Mr Trump said in a 2015 Republican primary debate. "But I want smaller doses over a longer period of time. Same exact amount, but you take this little beautiful baby, and you pump - I mean, it looks just like it's meant for a horse, not for a child, and we've had so many instances, people that work for me. ... [in which] a child, a beautiful child went to have the vaccine, and came back and a week later had a tremendous fever, got very, very sick, now is autistic."

Medical experts have overwhelmingly rejected any link between vaccines and autism, warning that promoting such a theory endangers public health.

The people around Donald Trump

What's behind the 'anti-vax' movement?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has found no connection between autism and vaccines, citing numerous studies. The commission will focus on making "sure we have scientific integrity in the vaccine process for efficacy and safety effects," Mr Kennedy told reporters after Tuesday's meeting at Trump Tower in New York.

Mr Kennedy, an environmental activist who has focused his attention on the "anti-vax" movement, campaigns for parents to opt out of vaccinations and immunisations. He came under fire in 2015 for describing the number of children injured by vaccines as "a holocaust" during a film screening of Trace Amounts, a documentary on the subject. Mr Kennedy later apologised and said he "struggled to find an expression" to convey his thoughts. Mr Trump and his team have yet to confirm news of Mr Kennedy's new role.

So the lying and discredited main$tream media has come out swinging vis a vis the appointment of RFK Jr.  I'm sure they will get nasty and personal as time goes on...citing RFK's personal and family history...until he and anything he says has become totally's what they DOOOOOO.

Meanwhile...the growing community of websites devoted to natural and homeopathic medicines will be pleased and supportive of the appointment.  Here's one such website's view of the appointment.

Here is another, in the growing archive of reports collected by such websites of anecdotal evidence provided by the families of vaccine victims.  Because these families live every day with the devastating results of the criminal governmental negligence in failing to prosecute the "too rich to fail" pharmaceutal companies, they are very hard to shut up:

(NaturalNews) A UK couple is furious after their infant son began to suffer as many as 14 violent seizures per day following a meningitis vaccine, and are sharing the shocking video footage online.

As reported by the UK’s Daily Mail, Luke Maguire, 25, and Louise McKever, 22, said they’ve taken their son, Bobby, to the hospital more than 55 times since he received all of his vaccines this past summer. It’s yet another sad example of vaccine injury that the ‘mainstream’ media and Big Pharma will try to sweep under the rug.

The Daily Mail noted that the Bexsero Meningitis B vaccine has been administered to all babies in the UK since September 2015, and seizures are known to be a side effect. But the first-time parents say the vaccine has left their son suffering from other problems as well, including night terrors, allergies and stomach issues. 
Mom and dad are not buying the government’s denial
Since they posted a clip of their son having one of his many seizures onto social media, it has been viewed more than 1.8 million times and shared nearly 28,000 times, the Daily Mail reported. Little Bobby is now undergoing several tests, perhaps to rule out a complex genetic epilepsy disorder. But one expert in the condition who has seen the video footage says it is not likely that the seizures are related to the vaccine.

That, of course, is coming from the UK government. The government’s regulatory agency also said there was “insufficient evidence” to link the meningitis B vaccine to the fits.

But the parents aren’t buy it.

“This vaccination shouldn’t be given to young babies—it is ruining their lives before they even start,” said Maguire, whose only child is Bobby. “The doctors need to do something. Parents should be told the risks and allowed to make up their own minds. They have the right to know, this is about their children.”

He went on to say that from the moment his son began having his seizures, he knew that it was caused by the vaccines. “He was such a happy baby and it has ruined his life,” he added. Maguire said his son began experiencing his seizures on the very day he received his eight-week vaccinations, when his temperature spiked suddenly and “he went floppy and unresponsive.”

He says he has made a personal commitment to ensure that no other parents will have to suffer like he and his partner, and that no other children have to suffer like Bobby.

Maguire said he understood that most people would not speak out publicly out of fear of being labeled crazy or ‘anti-vaccine,’ but he said he could not stay silent because he wanted to be a voice on behalf of parents. If a child died and he had chosen to remain silent, he said, “I couldn’t live with myself.” “We are only basing our actions on what we see has happened to our son—not what anyone else says, but how Bobby has changed,” noted Maguire. 
This vaccine is only about 73 percent effective
His son received his first does of Bexsero Meningitis B vaccine at eight weeks, then a follow-up dose at 16 weeks. The couple said they immediately became concerned about their son right after the 16-week injection. They were forced to call for emergency medical service after waking up and discovering that Bobby was gasping for air, turning blue and experiencing full-body twitches. His seizures began about 10 days later, the couple said, and he experiences an average of four-to-seven of them per day.

Seizures can cut off oxygen to the brain, causing damage and long-term disability.

At present, the couple said, their son is on another medication that is controlling his seizures, so he has not had one for weeks. But they say all of the testing done thus far to determine why he might be having them—CT scan, MRI, EEG—have all come back negative.

Summary and Conclusions

So, if Donald Trump does NOTHING else during his tenure as President of the United States, this appointment of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to examine ALL the evidence regarding the connection between vaccinations and neurological (and other) disorders, including autism....will put Trump head and shoulders over his predecessor, the Obomber, by comparison.  This review is long overdue and families will be very appreciative of the initiative...any recognize the pain and suffering they and their children have had to endure...while Big Pharma got away scot free and made kajillion$.

Of course, the perps in the CIA/Deep State are spitting nails in anger at the appointment. They thought they had killed off all the Kennedys who could threaten their occupation of the halls of power in the US. Now they have to go back to their blood soaked drawing boards and come up with another "scenario". Kennedy's life will be at risk...even with this low-level appointment. And Trump! He has once again thumbed his nose and given a finger to their evil power. Google will be working overtime rejigging the search engine. In that regard...has anyone ELSE noticed that the search word "Golden" has come up in connection with RFK Jr's "Golden Vaccine Safety Task Force" and the latest effort to delegitimize President-elect Donald Trump? The "Golden Shower" of lies being published about sexual inuendos/Russia? But, again, that's simply more "anecdotal evidence'.

In closing, I would like to applaud Trump's appointment of Kennedy to this long overdue task force and also congratulate Robert F. Kennedy Jr., first, on living to a ripe old age...and then on achieving this wonderful opportunity to apply his great talents and family legacy for the benefit of humanity.